#Nextchat:  Embracing Automation for the Future of Work



Will automation take away jobs? This is the question that many are asking as we hear more about the continuous advances in technology that are transforming the workplace.

There’s been a lot of recent media hype about robots and artificial intelligence replacing humans in the workplace. Instead of panicking, it’s time to prepare your organization so it can successfully adapt to the changing technology and employment landscape and come out on top.

On the Sept. 11 SHRM webcast The Future of Work, Mollie Lombardi of Aptitude Research Partners and Amanda Nichols from Kronos discussed how to prepare your organization so it can develop a people-centered technology strategy and strike the right balance between humans and automation.

While automation will negatively impact some skill sets, it will drive demand for cognitive and emotional skills, critical and innovative thinking, and emotionally engaging with others in ways that build trust. Robots can’t do this―at least not yet. Compliance will remain an important part of the HR function, but many will need to become more proficient at employee development to help harness productivity in the new age of automation.

HR professionals will need to understand how their own roles are changing while helping employees to develop and prioritize soft skills. Amanda Nichols, Kronos industry manager, says, “Managers are the most influential people in an employee’s work life and the first line of defense when it comes to helping their workforce navigate these changes. Managers must be on board with all of the changes happening within an organization and need the ability to translate those changes to their employees in a positive way that will prepare them.”  

HR can embrace automation and stay on the forefront of change by adopting innovative technologies that enable and empower their departments and organizations.

As an HR professional, how are you embracing automation and preparing your workforce for the future?

Please join @SHRMnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on September 26 for #Nextchat, with special guests Mollie Lombardi (@mollielombardi), Aptitude Research Partners co-founder and CEO, and Amanda Nichols (@AmandaNichy) Kronos industry manager.  We’ll chat about how HR can combine technology and human capital to create value and drive productivity―even as automation expands and evolves.

Q1. What is your greatest concern about how the workforce will be shaped by automation over the next 10 years?

Q2. As many workplace systems processes become automated, how is your HR function preparing and adapting?

Q3. In what ways are you automating routine tasks to help improve HR productivity and drive better business decisions?

Q4. As you learn more about how automation is changing the workplace and workforce, what new opportunities for transforming HR are you most excited about? 

Q5. Which phase of the employee life cycle is HR technology/automation impacting the most in your workplace right now?

Q6. How are you automating data collection and analytics to save time and get better insight into the strengths and weaknesses in your workforce and workplace strategies?

Q7. How can HR evolve the talent acquisition process for a greater emphasis on assessing the soft skills that will be needed more than ever as the workplace becomes more automated?

Q8. What are the most important questions HR should be asking as they plan their career development for a more automated future?


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