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Two words that are often inadvertently confused are “diversity” and “inclusion.” 

A great way to remember the difference is this: If diversity is being asked to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.  

If you’re an employer looking to create a diversity and inclusion (D&I) program, the next logical question might be: “If we’re having a party, who’s handling the invitations?”

Enter HR. The invitation is part of your talent acquisition strategy to attract more diverse candidates.

The SHRM 2017 Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition in October featured several sessions filled with excellent tips and advice on how to find and hire more diverse candidates by creating forward-thinking talent acquisition strategies.

Diversity hiring is about intentionally seeking the most qualified candidates while recognizing and eliminating any possible biases that may contribute to discrimination during the sourcing and screening phases of candidate selection.

The preview to the SHRM white paper Rec​ruiting & Retaining a More Diverse Workforce states that “One of the most daunting challenges faced by HR departments is designing and implementing effective recruitment vehicles for attracting and engaging with prospective well-qualified employees across a wide spectrum of diversity, including people with disabilities and veterans.”

In the SHRM Online article Build an Inclusive Culture Before Recruiting for Diversity by Roy Maurer, San Francisco-based Lever CEO Sarah Nahm says, “A lot of people say that diversity is a pipeline problem. I would say that companies can absolutely find the talent they want if they are willing to be intentional about it. Companies can be proactive by going outbound and building relationships with diverse talent pools so a diverse slate of candidates can be considered. Second, make sure the recruiting team is diverse. Not only recruiters, but hiring managers, and anyone who takes part in the hiring process.”

What’s one of the first steps to understanding how to incorporate more diversity into talent acquisition? HR can start by examining its own views and attitudes. In her preconference blog post, D&I Preparation #SHRMDIV,SHRM 2017 Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition attendee Anne Tomkinson writes, “I want to be clear-eyed about the lens through which I see the world. I want to recognize my own assumptions so that I can set them aside. I want to make sure that, when doing diversity and inclusion work, I’m not saying ‘let me create a place for you,’ but ‘you deserve a place here, let me move over and make room.’ It might sound like the end result is the same, but the message of inclusion isn’t.”

Another important step is to look at organizational goals. In her blog post #SHRMDIV Day 1 : Change How You Think About Diversity & Inclusion, conference attendee Tamara Rasberry writes, “A paradigm shift is needed in how we assess the utility of diversity. Knowing what is important to the organization and what it wants to accomplish is key.” Rasberry adds, “Diversity and inclusion initiatives must be measured by results, not activities.”

Every organization has a personality or a “workplace culture,” but should employers hire for cultural fit if it means that everyone will think, dress and act the same? Diverse talent acquisition strategies will be more successful when an organization cultivates a culture of diversity from within and encourages specific values and behaviors that will influence the hiring process.

Conference attendee Anthony Paradiso, who also found a lot of inspiration during the conference, writes in his blog post Diversity Is Being Asked to the Party. Inclusion Is Being Asked to Dance #SHRMDIV that he learned about the 15 values that are important to building a diverse and inclusive culture. They include compassion, courage, cultural awareness, empathy, patience, adaptability, flexibility and tolerance.“ Paradiso tweeted during the conference: “We need everyone at the table.”

How are you incorporating more diversity into your talent acquisition strategies?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on November 8 for #Nextchat with special guests Anthony Paradiso @allthingzap, Tamara Rasberry @tmrasberry and Anne Tomkinson @annetomk. We’ll chat about how you can incorporate more diversity into your talent acquisition strategy.

Q1. What are some of the challenges your organization faces with recruiting diverse candidates?

Q2. Creative employer branding can help to attract diverse candidates. How has your organization modified its employer brand to boost diversity recruiting efforts?

Q3. The candidate experience is a critical component of recruiting. How has your organization improved the candidate experience to encourage and increase the number of diverse hires?

Q4. What new and innovative techniques and strategies is your organization using to source diverse candidates?

Q5. What creative and forward-thinking methods is your organization employing to attract diverse candidates?

Q6. How can employers reduce bias when sourcing and screening candidates? What types of training do you offer at your organization?

Q7. How can employers use HR technology to boost diversity recruiting efforts and reduce bias in the sourcing and screening phases?

Q8. What books, training or other resources do you recommend for starting or strengthening a diversity hiring program? 


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