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#Nextchat: Combining Anthropology and Technology for a Better Employee Experience



Do you get the “Sunday night blues,” or do you work for an organization that offers such a great experience that you can’t wait to show up to work each day?

Employee experience is the latest trend to hit the world of work, and it’s not the same as employee engagement. You can engage an employee with a perk, but it probably won’t last. Employee experience, however, is about how you design your workplace so that the tools and technology meet employees' needs. It’s also about creating an organizational energy...


HR Technology Q & A with Cecile Alper-Leroux


The 2017 Human Resource Executive 20th Annual HR Technology Conference takes place October 10-13 in Las Vegas.  As a 2017 HR Technology Conference Insiders Blogger, I interviewed several human resources and technology experts to get their perspective on how technology and trends are impacting the HR profession. 

Cecile Alper-Leroux is an internationally sought-out speaker, thought leader, and visionary on HCM trends, hot topics, and global strategies. Passionate about people and technology in the workplace, Cecile has dedicated her...


After the Storm – Tips to Keep the Team Going



After a storm, there is an opportunity to bring people together and create a stronger team.

Here are some tips about ways to do that while building camaraderie and teamwork.

Check in with your employees – Preferably in a group setting, find out who was affected and how. Did anyone have damage to their home?  Who has elderly parents or someone with special needs?  Who has “refugee” family staying with them? Who lost power? Does everyone have the basics covered?  It helps when everyone knows each other’s home situation so they...


The 3 Little Pigs: A Business Story


Wait, that wasn’t a good story?  Isn’t that how you remember it?  Well, it has all the key components that you need to know.  It has the who, the what and the how.  It also has information on the results.  So, what’s missing?

The truth is, you would never present that table to someone who wanted to know the story of The Three Little Pigs.  Even though it has all the components of the story, the information is not connected and does not...


SHRM Connect: SHRM Certification, a New HR Generalist and a Discrimination Case with No Notes

SHRM Connect is an online community where SHRM members can ask questions and get answers on a variety of HR topics. It’s a great place to network with other HR professionals and share solutions.  
The conversation topics range from “HR Department of One” to Employment Law, are always insightful, and deal with some of the most pressing issues that HR professionals face in the workplace today.
While some of the conversations take on a more serious tone, others will deliver a bit of comic relief -- and on Fridays, I’ll be highlighting a conversation or two in...

How to Listen Like a Leader


Listening like a leader enables you to make the world about others.
"An outward mindset precedes leadership."

Get Started:

Take out a pen and paper. Write your responses to the questions that follow.

Writing is thinking.

  1. Record the reason you want to improve your listening skills. Purpose energizes growth. What advantages for yourself and others do you see in becoming a better listener? Write until you record all your ideas. Wait. Write some more.
  2. Write about the best listeners from your past. What made them good listeners? Think beyond their actions to their attitude about themselves and
  3. ...

#Nextchat RECAP: Crisis Planning and Recovery for HR

On September 13, @shrmnextchat chatted with special guest Jonathan Segal (@Jonathan_HR_Law), Paula Harvey, SHRM-SCP (@Paula4Harvey), and  Cecilia Clark (@ciciHR2Serve) on Crisis Planning and Recovery for HR.

In case you missed this informative chat, you can read the tweets here:




2018 Open Enrollment: Developing Your Game Plan

This is the second article in a series about meeting open enrollment challenges. Below, we look at developing open enrollment goals and offer tips for effective communications.
The No. 1 thing employers are doing wrong about open enrollment is a lack of preparation," said Kim Buckey, vice president of compliance communications at Birmingham, Ala.-based DirectPath, an employee engagement and health care compliance firm. "Every year there are some employers for whom open enrollment starts on Oct. 15, and they're making their last benefit decision on Oct. 1—and wondering

Six Tools for Improving Communications with TeamSTEPPS®



As HR professionals, we often challenged by the way people communicate. Developing soft skills in teams is a critical for your team of experts to function as an expert team. In healthcare, >70 of medical errors have a communication component making the challenge even more critical to our customers.

TeamSTEPPS® (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) is a training system developed by the Department of Defense and run by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). It is described as an “evidence-based teamwork system to...