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The Dangers of Loud “Business Talking” in Public



I remember in early days of my career, back in the late 90’s, I was trained to be mindful of business conversations in public.  Working at a Big 5 public accounting firm, we were told that it is best not to speak about business in public.  There were also guidelines given:

  • If you must, keep your voice low so that others cannot hear what you say.
  • Never mention client organization names, nor individual names.  If you refer to someone, only use their first name, never the last.  NEVER complain about
  • ...

New York Times Fires Employee for Bad Tweets on the Day it Announced Her Hiring



At least she didn’t have too many personal belongings to pack up.

(Too soon?) has all the details (here):

The New York Times fired a writer just hours after they had hired her after they learned she had used words like “f*g” and “n****r” in tweets.

On Tuesday, the Times said that it had hired Quinn Norton to be its “lead opinion writer on the power, culture and consequences of technology.”

But when the announcement hit Twitter, several users on the social media site pointed out that Norton had a history of


Culture Fit and Rocking the Boat



Firstly, I think HR is the reason why hiring managers care about culture fit when interviewing to bring someone new onto their team. Culture fit is a buzz word I’ve heard coming from the HR department for as long as I can remember, and at almost everywhere I’ve worked. Being in HR, I think culture fit means someone who has/can exhibit the same values as the organization. Integrity, innovation, safety, whatever it may be. During the interview, it is good to ask the interviewee for examples of how they have...


Goals! #SHRM18 #BlogSquad


When I first started this blog, one of my “pie in the sky” goals was to be invited to be a part of the SHRM national conference blog squad. I didn’t know how people are chosen for the squad, but I put it out on Twitter during #SHRM17. The universe must have heard me, because I now get to #ExpandMyWorld and share that with others at #SHRM18 as I have been invited to be a part of the #SHRM18 #BlogSquad!

Many of the bloggers are people I’ve followed since I discovered the writers for the SHRM conference. I have...


#SHRM18 - Expanding My World



The 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition (#SHRM18) in Chicago is exactly 4 months away. That's only 17 weeks! Blink your eyes twice and it's going to be here.  This will be my second visit to the Windy City, and I'm so excited to be going back.  The theme for this year's annual conference is Expand Your World, and I figure why wait, let's start now!! 

This will be my 8th SHRM annual conference, and each one has been as educational and empowering as the last.  The speakers are...


Should I Stay or Should I Go? You Should Go! #SHRM18



The 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition -- #SHRM18 - is June 17-20 and this will be my first time attending the event.  I’ve been tweeting and posting about how excited I am and have been telling anyone who will listen about this upcoming opportunity.  When I think about meeting amazing HR colleagues, learning from the terrific depth and array of speakers and visiting with numerous vendors, my heart starts to race.  I even have an app on my phone counting down the days until I head to Chicago. 

To be fully transparent, mixed with...


#SHRM18 - Getting Prepared Early!



It's super early to be discussing #SHRM18, it makes the suspense even harder! But, when you've been chosen, along with 60 other AMAZING #HR Bloggers, tweeters, storytellers, and professionals, you just can't keep quiet!

#SHRM18 will be in Chicago this year and I am so excited to be visiting the city for my very first time!!! I know we will be busy with the entire conference, but I'm hoping to carve out some time to check out a few museums, shopping, great food places, historical locations, and so much...


Expand Your World - Follow the #SHRM18 Bloggers!



You need to follow the #SHRM18 Bloggers.

If you are in HR and want to learn something new, get a different perspective, or get out of your comfort zone, these are the people that will help you do so.

They are a mix of new and experienced professionals, from all walks of life, and a rich, diverse community of people who use their voice to advance the HR profession. They will tell the stories you need to hear before, during and after the SHRM Annual Conference.

They will expand your...


Expanding My World #SHRM18


I’m so excited to be part of the #SHRM18 blogging team as I count down the days to the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition in Chicago this June 17 – 20. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Expand Your World’. That is the perfect theme for my journey to this conference.

Like so many, I came into HR through the back door, and for a long time I didn’t even realize I was doing HR. When I figured it out, it was time to get serious and...


Two Employee Handbook Updates to Consider




Q:  We like to give our employee handbook a quick review at the beginning of each year, do you recommend any particular additions or updates?

A:  This a great time to take a quick look at your employee handbook and determine if there are updates or changes you’d like to make based on what happened the previous year.  Were employees confused about how and when to call in sick? Were there problems that might be rectified by re-wording a policy?  More importantly, did anything change in society or the...