#NextChat: Crazy Working Momma Tips from #Workflex12

Every day, millions of working moms live by routines.  The alarm rings.  You wake the kids, feed them, make lunches, rush them to daycare or school, and then maybe hit the coffee shop on the way to the office. 

Later it’s shopping, errands, dinner, homework … and then 12 hours later – Rinse.  Repeat. 

For most working moms, the constant merry-go-round is a source of great stress that can result in discouragement, bouts of anxiety, and even physical illness.  When mom’s burned out, everyone suffers.  

Many working moms attempt to maintain a perfect balance every day, but even that balance can be upset by unexpected life events.  Balance requires continual adjustments and constant attention to your own emotional, physical and intellectual needs. 

As a working mom, how are you creating and maintaining balance in your life?

Please join us for #NextChat at 3 p.m. ET on October 24 at  live from the closing general session of the SHRM #Workflex12 Conference in Chicago, Ill.  While conference keynoter Holly Robinson Peete talks about “Crazy Working Momma” tips for maintaining a successful work/life fit, we’ll simultaneously be asking our #nextchatter working moms for their answers to the following questions:  

Q1. How has workplace flexibility changed your life for the better as a working mom?

Q2. How can working moms find ways to make/take time for themselves when there's literally no time to take?

Q3. What are the best sources of support for stressed out working moms? 

Q4. What techniques do you employ to maintain sanity and composure throughout the week? 

Q5. How do you manage and minimize guilt and feelings of failure?

Q6. What is the best part of a working momma’s day?  (post those photos!)

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