#Nextchat: Collective Leadership: Getting Everyone Involved

Today’s companies recognize that every individual on their team is important and that their contributions have an impact on the company as a whole. At the same time, in the age of big data, more information is widely available to all stakeholders, shaking up the traditional, top-down communication style. These changes bring about a state of collective leadership – where individuals can easily collaborate to make decisions that improve performance, at both the personal and business-wide level.

Organizations that embrace the idea of collective leadership early on will be more strategic and agile, fostering an open and collaborative environment. Once this happens, the company can benefit from a work culture that enhances employee engagement and is committed to continuous improvements.  Greater collaboration and the resulting increase in transparency can drive change and create better results throughout an organization.

In an age of collaboration, cross-functional teams, multiple generations at work, social media networks and collaborative technology tools, how can managers use the principles of collective leadership to enhance employee performance?

Please join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on March 20 for #Nextchat with Chip Luman (@cluman).  We’ll chat about how organizations can achieve better results and more success through collective leadership strategies.  

Q1.  How does collective leadership lead to better business performance?

Q2.  Can too much transparency and big data sharing create confusion in an organization, or is it critical for success?

Q3.  How can collective leadership promote individual talent development?

Q4.  How can collective leadership help (or aggravate) the divisions that exist between multiple generations in the workplace?  

Q5.  How can social media enhance collective leadership communication?  What are the best platforms for this?     

Q6.  In what ways can collective leadership be implemented to break down organizational silos? 

Q7.  What are the risks involved with implementing a collective leadership strategy?



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