#Nextchat: Can I Get a "Cloud" of Witnesses?


The "Cloud" has been used a lot lately to describe a highly consistent, reliable and cost efficient delivery model for delivering everything from the HR products and services you will see in the expo hall to the music that drives my life.  Maybe it's time to re-envision the term cloud in a way in which it was intended -- a consolidation, collaboration, and validation of innovation and future-forward thought process (or collective "brain power") of the workforce. After all, people drive innovation as well as the economy, and the workforce makes up the most substantial investment for the enterprise. 

Some say, "HR Tech attracts the top thinkers and strategists in our space."  OK, ok maybe so, but let's be honest - the most important attendee at this year's show is YOU!  If we leave the conversation to the "The top movers and shakers for the HR Technology Conference” (hashtag: #HRTechConf), the top trending topics become things like candidate profiling, leadership development, employee participation, benefit management...etc. 

As important as they are for HR, I struggle daily to find tangible takeaways regarding HR technology. 

Whether you are attending to hear about trends, latest innovations, or what’s happening with your favorite vendor, you have your own agenda and the conversations and collaborations during the breaks and in the Expo Hall are always the best avenue for gaining real-time and relevant insight, and for creating long-term connections with those who are -- OR have been -- dealing with similar business scenarios. 

If you won’t be attending the HR Technology Conference, but have the same questions about how to practically apply new technology to be a more effective and efficient HR pro, we’d like you to join the conversation as well. 

Let's get the conversation started!

Please join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on October 8 for #Nextchat with special guest Damon Lovett (@DamonLovett) from KnowledgeSource Consulting (@KSourceHR). We’ll ask the important questions and discuss the most pressing issues around the successful application of next generation HR technology solutions.

Q1. If you could implement one technology today in your HR department and budget was not an issue, what would it be and why?

Q2. What specific HR technology that you’ve implemented in the past few years has made you more efficient and effective?

Q3. Has implementing cloud technology helped you do your job as an HR pro? Is so how?

Q4. What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about social recruiting technology?

Q5. Is an applicant tracking system still the single most important piece of technology an HR pro can have? Why or why not?

Q6. How will employees’ evolving expectations affect an organization’s HR technology regarding access and security?

Q7. Have you implemented any HR technologies at your organization that are not providing the ROI you expected?  Why?

Q8. What's your HR technology trend prediction for 2015?

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