#NEXTCHAT: Building Your Brand with Social Media

Branding and social media seem like the perfect match.  Whether you’re an individual or a large business, social media can help you build strategic relationships with your target audience and create a community of trust.

Social media can also serve as an amplifier for your corporate brand when you are looking to convey a positive culture that will attract top talent to your organization. You’d better believe that the best candidates are checking out your company’s web page and looking for clues about your workplace in the conversations happening on Facebook, Twitter and Glassdoor.

What social media tools and training are you employing to accomplish your branding goals?  What is your organization doing to stand out from your competitors?  And how do you sell this “social-media-monkey business” to your dubious CEO?  
Please join us at 3 p.m. ET on June 6 for #NextChat with special guest Susan Avello (@SusanAvello) of Social Buzz Concepts.  We’ll want to know your thoughts on the following questions:

Q1. How can individuals find a voice and create a community of trust when building their brand?
Q2. How can organizations use social media to display their culture and build their corporate brand?
Q3. Is social media taking the place of current business initiatives?
Q4. How can HR sell social business to the C-Suite or CEO?
Q5. How can organizations leverage social media as it relates to employee interaction and engagement?
Q6. What does the future workplace look like in a digital world?

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