#Nextchat: Building Diverse Talent Communities


Technology now allows us to live and work in a borderless world. A diverse workforce is more important than ever to increasing an organization’s capacity for innovation and maintaining a competitive advantage in this global marketplace.

While most organizations recognize the need for and have taken serious steps to develop strategies that will help build diverse teams, many still struggle with creating a consistent pipeline of diverse talent—especially for technical jobs. 

In her SHRM blog post How Events Build Diverse Talent Pipelines, PowerToFly President and Co-Founder Katharine Zaleski writes:

In order to hire diverse candidates, hiring managers need to go to where the diverse candidates are - you can’t expect them to come to you via job boards. Why? Because you can’t “post and pray” in a world where one Harvard study shows that men apply to jobs when they match 60 percent of the skills on a job description and women only apply when they meet 100 percent.

With a delta that big, you need to convince diverse candidates that it’s worth their time to apply for your role!

The best way to do that is through events where you can reach out to candidates and tell them what your company is doing to evolve, what it’s doing to become more inclusive and diverse, and most importantly what its leadership is doing to get on board with D+I [diversity and inclusion] work. Getting these candidates into a room, talking with them and showing them the steps your company is taking to become more inclusive is half the battle - following up with them is the second half.

Regardless if you’re making hires the day after an event or looking to launch a new team six months down the line, keeping passive candidates “warm” is crucial to building out your diverse pipeline. Providing constructive feedback to candidates you’ve passed on and making connections on platforms like LinkedIn, or even via email, can make all of the difference when a candidate looks back on their experience with your company."

Increasing diverse talent pools will also enable organizations to make greater strides with gender diversity and gender-parity initiatives. International Women’s Day 2019 will be celebrated on March 8, and the campaign’s theme, #BalanceforBetter, calls for more gender-balanced leadership, inclusive and flexible cultures, and the rooting out of workplace bias. Organizations around the globe are planning events to not only inspire women, but to encourage more employers to create solutions that will foster greater gender parity in the workplace.

How are you managing the development of a diverse workforce and future pool of talent for your organization?

Please join @shrmnextchat March 6 for #Nextchat with special guest, president and co-founder of PowerToFly, Katharine Zaleski (@kzaleski). We’ll chat about how employers are boosting their diversity hiring to meet current and future needs.



Q1. How is your organization measuring diversity and increasing the diversity of its applicant pool?

Q2. Has your company tried hosting hiring events? What made them successful? What was unsuccessful?

Q3. How can HR and recruiters use events to attract and network with candidates to create talent pools for current and future recruiting needs?  

Q4. Does your organization keep passive candidates “warm”? For how long? What are some tips for continuing the engagement?

Q5. How can organizations ensure that gender-parity initiatives focus on outcomes instead of intentions?

Q6. What is your organization doing to hire, develop and promote women? What specific pay-equity initiatives or programs have you created?

Q7. How and where can women in technology—and in all industries—create and cultivate strong industry networks? What are some resources?

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