#Nextchat: Building Blocks of a Great HR Function



Great HR doesn’t happen by accident. It is a journey, a work in progress, and is always evolving. At the base of every successful HR function are the philosophical building blocks that support its work and that make up the bedrock of a great organization. A healthy HR function is an essential component of a healthy and thriving workplace.

In the blog post 9 Lessons for Running a Great HR Function, Ben Eubanks, principal analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, shares ideas about what makes a great HR function and the reminders he kept on a whiteboard next to his desk. These were “reminders of important aspects of HR. These shaped the way I practiced HR and ran my department on a daily basis,” Eubanks writes. The ideas include living company values, improving communication, understanding key issues, and promoting continuous learning and innovation.

“Whether it was keeping communication top of mind or making sure that I gave credit where it was due, there were some great reminders to keep me on track,” Eubanks says. “What’s on your board or desk? What keeps you on track?”

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on February 14 for #Nextchat with Ben Eubanks (@BenEubanks). We’ll chat about what it takes to build a great HR function and how to maintain an efficient and effective practice while at the same time creating a positive culture inside your own HR team.

Q1. What philosophies or values guide the way you practice HR at your organization?

Q2. What skills, experiences, competencies or qualities do you look for when hiring HR staff?

Q3. Great HR innovates. What’s one thing you’ve done or will be doing this year to innovate HR at your organization?

Q4. Great HR functions embrace learning. With so much work and so little time, how do you provide opportunities for your HR team to learn continuously?

Q5. What are you doing to recognize and show appreciation for those on your HR team, and how do you motivate and inspire them?

Q6. Communication is key to a great HR function. How do you encourage information sharing and ensure transparency within your HR department and throughout your entire organization?

Q7. What are the biggest challenges to building a great HR function in 2018?

Q8. What is the litmus test for a great HR function? 


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