#Nextchat: Building a More Inclusive Workplace


Difficult inclusion challenges impact the workforce and the workplace, and the SHRM Foundation is dedicated to helping HR professionals meet those challenges and achieve success. The SHRM Foundation champions workforce and workplace transformation by providing research-based HR solutions on topics such as the aging workforce and integrating and engaging veterans in the workforce.

HR managers can take advantage of a transitioning workforce and the new opportunities it presents. As organizations begin to understand the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce, they will be able to expand the pool of talent from which they can meet future staffing needs.

What is your organization doing to foster a more inclusive culture?

Please join @shrmnextchat on May 3 at 3 p.m. ET for #Nextchat: Building a More Inclusive Workplace with special guests from the SHRM Foundation Beth McFarland and Ashlee Smith. We’ll chat about best practices for encouraging a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Q1.  What challenges are you facing in building an inclusive culture in your organization?

Q2.  How have your talent acquisition and talent management strategies changed to foster more diversity and inclusion?   

Q3. Are you concerned about the “brain drain” resulting from Baby Boomers retiring? If so, what solutions are you exploring?  

Q4.  How are you modifying your talent acquisition strategies to find and hire more veterans and/or mature workers?

Q5. What challenges are you facing in hiring and retaining veterans? What solutions have worked best?

Q6. What training, job mobility or other accommodations do you offer mature workers and veterans?

Q7.  What recruiting methods or platforms are best for sourcing and recruiting mature workers? Veterans?

Q8.  What is your organization doing to integrate and engage veterans in your workplace and workforce?



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