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Changing the way that you interact with candidates in your selection process is crucial to your organization’s future success. Rob Shepard, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist


When was the last time you applied for a job at your own company? If you’ve ever participated in this type of exercise, it was probably an eye-opening experience that enabled you to identify areas for improvement if not a total redesign. And for candidates, applying for the job is only the first step.

Smart employers are paying greater attention to the candidate selection process because they know it affects the quality of the candidate hired and the overall candidate experience, which in turn affects employer brand.

Rob Shepard, an industrial/organizational psychologist at SHL, specializes in pre- and post-hire assessment, job analysis, workforce analytics, competency modeling and assessment design. In the SHRM Blog post 4 Areas of Focus to Boost Your Candidate Attraction Efforts, he wrote, “Optimizing the candidate experience while collecting rich candidate data is critical. This will allow organizations to acquire the talent necessary to achieve business objectives. The candidate attraction lens can be applied in four highlighted areas of the six-step selection process to provide a more compelling candidate experience.”

What are those four areas?

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Realistic job/culture preview
  • Assessment
  • Interview

According to Christy Smith, talent strategy consultant at SHL, “there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will work for every role and every organization. While recruitment for volume, entry-level roles looks similar to the days gone by, attracting passive candidates in individual contributor and leadership roles requires more forward thinking. Assessment becomes the complement to a well-constructed and engaging candidate experience that reels the candidate in without pushing them away.”

How can you boost your candidate selection efforts?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on August 14 for #Nextchat with special guest Rob Shepard (@rob_shepard), industrial/organizational psychologist at SHL, and Christy Smith (@ChristyGMSmith), talent strategy consultant at SHL. We’ll chat about the best ways to build a candidate selection process that fosters a winning candidate experience and magnetic employer brand.

Q1. What types of bad experiences will give a candidate a negative impression of an employer? 

Q2. A clear, concise and accurate job description is critical to candidate sourcing efforts. What else can make or break the candidate experience at this early stage?

Q3. A realistic preview of an employer’s organizational culture and the job role allows candidates to evaluate their own fit. What are the best ways to give candidates a realistic job/culture preview?

Q4. How can employers ensure that their interview processes align with their talent strategies and provide a positive candidate experience?

Q5. What are some benefits and challenges that you’ve experienced (or think you’d experience) using assessments?

Q6. The scope of assessment tools ranges from cognitive ability and personality tests to those that are focused on particular skills (e.g., sales, data entry). How do you choose one?

Q7. Using prehire assessments will decrease the likelihood of subjective bias in the hiring process. Is this true or false, and why?

Q8. What other recruiting methods should be used with pre-employment assessment tests to hire the best candidates and create the most positive impression of an employer’s brand?


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