#Nextchat: A Care Plan for Talent Acquisition



When it comes to recruiting the best people, employers are now handling their talent acquisition strategies – and their prospective candidates - with the best care possible.

Gone are the days of “spray and pray” job posting and candy-coated career fairs in hopes of finding a few good candidates.

To attract new hires in today’s values-conscious world, an organization must first be able to communicate its mission, and as the director of recruiting at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (ACH), Carol McDaniel knows this all too well. When you’re in the business of saving children’s lives, your work to find the best talent becomes even more important. 



When McDaniel took over the talent acquisition function at ACH in 2014, she championed an innovative approach to finding talent.

In her Drive Thru HR interview with host Michael VanDervort, McDaniel described some of the ways in which she is revamping ACH’s recruiting strategy.

Recruiting podcasts

One new approach was the development of a series of recruiting podcasts called “John Hopkins ACH Blog Talk Radio.” The podcasts feature a “day in the life” of various employees and show what it’s like to work at ACH. The series started out as a way to extend ACH’s brand and to capture the attention of an audience it had not previously addressed with recruitment outreach. McDaniel says she “uses the show as a platform to talk about all the great things that happen at All Children’s because a lot of people don’t realize what happens here at the hospital.” She added that the podcast series “highlights individual departments, initiatives, community outreach and the ACH foundation … it also features key employees and executives … it’s a great way to do recruiting without actually having to say “hey, come work here.”

A highly targeted audience

Another strategic change involved nixing involvement in career fairs. ACH now conducts career conference events where it invites a very select and highly targeted audience of potential candidates. “If you do this right and strategically,” says McDaniel, “it’s an extremely effective way to recruit.”

More with mobile

Mobile is yet another important component of recruiting at ACH. McDaniel tweaked the hospital’s program by employing a more strategic approach with the geotargeting of mobile advertising. The cycle is longer, she says, but they are finding more success.

In the area of social media, McDaniel recommends that employers focus on the daily maintenance of social media platforms—especially for recruiting pages and handles—and refine their messaging to help attract talent.

What is your organization doing to boost your talent acquisition efforts and be more strategic in your approach to recruiting?

Please join @shrmnextchat on July 26 for #Nextchat with special guest Carol McDaniel @carolmacd. We’ll chat about all the ways employers can increase the effectiveness of their recruiting strategies.

Q1. What qualities do the best recruiters possess, and what important skills should they be honing to be successful in their jobs?

Q2. How are you improving the candidate experience and technology (UX or user experience) during the application process?

Q3. Today’s talent acquisition leaders are building pools of talent who are interested in their company and mission. What are the best ways to go about building a talent network?    

Q4. A strong employee benefits plan is paramount to attracting talent. How are you using innovative and strategic benefits to attract talent?

Q5. The right technology is key to talent acquisition success. What factors do you consider when acquiring new recruiting technology and with which products are you having the most success?

Q6. Employees are the best recruiters. How does your organization incentivize and reward employees who refer new hires?

Q7. How are you using video, podcasts and other media to attract talent and increase your talent pipeline?

Q8. Courting top talent still requires a personalized approach. What advice do you have for adding a “personal touch” to your talent acquisition efforts?   



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