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The HR profession is known for its catchphrases, and the expression “war for talent” is a phrase that is certain to produce a lively debate.

Whether you think the war is over or is only getting more intense, one thing is clear: It’s critical that talent managers are informed about the latest trends to remain competitive.

Knowledge about the latest developments in social recruiting, technology, onboarding, compliance, engagement strategies and analytics is critical to the continual evolution and survival of any organization’s talent management program.

On April 24-26 some of the greatest minds in talent management will converge in Chicago for the SHRM 2017 Talent Management Conference & Exposition—a conference that is specifically designed to provide tools and resources for recruitment and talent management professionals.  

We’ve asked four amazing session presenters and talent experts to join us for a #Nextchat on talent management in 2017: 

How are you addressing your organization’s talent needs and evolving your strategies for 2017 and beyond?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on February 15 for #Nextchat: Talent Today and Tomorrow with special guests Kristen Harcourt, Sharlyn Lauby, Jessica Miller-Merrell and Christine Walters. From talent attraction to digital recruiting strategies to onboarding new managers for success, we’ll chat about the trends shaping the world of successful talent management today.

Q1. What are your greatest talent management challenges in 2017?

Q2. What new talent management trend are you implementing as part of your strategy this year and why?

Q3. How are you developing your leaders? What impact do they have on your employer brand and talent attraction?

Q4. Which hiring laws impact you most: ban-the-box/no salary history/limiting credit checks/barring non-competes, and why? 

Q5. Managers are often promoted for their technical expertise. What are some of the people skills that new managers need to know?  

Q6. How are you using creative strategies to optimize digital recruiting efforts using SEO, video and digital images?

Q7. How do you evaluate the success of your talent management programs?

Q8. What is the most valuable advice you’ve received about talent acquisition or talent management in the past six months? 


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