New Year. New You.



So, another year down and another begins.  Big deal.  Isn’t it just another day?  Can’t I just make my mind up to be something more and someone better on any other day of the year?  Well, yes.

There are a couple of areas of consideration, however.  Firsts mean something for us.  We have a heightened sense of motivation on the first day of a new week, month and year.  In his book, When, Dan Pink shares some research about Google searches.  There is an 82 percent increase of the word “Diet” at the beginning of a new year.  And while that may not be surprising, what may be is that the next highest incidence of that search is the start of a new week (14 percent).  Firsts mean new chances.  And that is a right thought.  We don’t want to minimize the motivation of #cleanslate that each of us intrinsically feels at the start of a year.

Further, we either grow or die.  To that end, we are inclined to set goals for ourselves in a variety of areas – tangible and intangible – to continue moving towards health and fulfillment.  And for those who do not, they become more distant from those who do.  Those running hard after growth find themselves changing schedules, habits and communication.  It’s not a perfect transition by any stretch, but it is a real one nonetheless.  Working to be more fit, kinder, less stressed, more collaborative, etc. are decisions that take effort and that energy leaves little time to stay in what used to be.

However, our weariness can cause us to quickly revert.  It’s harder than we imagine.  And that’s why this time of year is most conducive for success.  There’s more of us thinking the same things.  We can find community more readily with easier accessibility.  And without community, we’re likely to fail quickly on our new year goals. In fact, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.  And, in large part, those without community lose motivation.  We have a world of people wanting many of the same things as you.  Have you found them?  Are you even looking?

Join me next week for #Nextchat!  This #Nextchat will be a bouillabaisse of encouragement and motivation peppered with challenges. Join us for the recipe in the Twittersphere on Wednesday, January 9 at 3:00PM EST.



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