Networking Around the World at #SHRM17

The SHRM Annual Conference is one of the best networking events in the world if you are in the Human Resources space. I do not say this tongue in cheek, as I have literally met several folks from around the world at different annual conferences over the last few years. The SHRM Social Media Team has been adding an international flavor for several years now, and will do so again this year.

Last year we met Anish Aravind and Renee Robson. Anish is from India and Renee is from Australia. Now these are not the only international attendees. These were just two folks I got to know well.   I have stayed in touch with them via Facebook and Twitter. But I guess the real test is this: Have any of these acquaintances turned into anything more than a chance meeting and a social media friendship?

Well if you work at it, I think that you can make more of it. The social media team last year met Renee Robson, a working HR professional from down under. She was a charming young lady and seemed to be an expert at her craft. I spent quite a bit of time with her and felt like we bonded, although she is young enough to be my daughter. Maybe that’s why we hit it off.

Renee is soon to be a mommy again and is unable to travel right now. We won't see her at this year's conference.

However, if you did meet Renee or would like to I have a special announcement for you. Through some scheming and planning the folks at Illinois SHRM and Ohio SHRM have done some cooperative planning and are going to have her present and be a part of both of those conferences in September of 2018 (Sept 19-21, 2018 in Ohio and Sept 23-25 in Illinois).

So, during #SHRM17 I want Renee to know we are thinking of her and this is how we will show her. On Monday of the conference, I would like any/all of you, to reach out to her with the hashtag #SayHeyReneeDay as well as our ever present #SHRM17 hashtag. Please use this on all channels.

Then my challenge to you is to see what new relationship you can build at this year’s event that will turn into a friendship for life.


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