My Lagniappe from #SHRM22

I was pleased to have had the opportunity to support SHRM 22 remotely this year. The SHRM team fully engaged the online audience with many treats and surprises as we “caused the effect”.   There were many memorable moments, I will highlight a few of my favorites. 

--Not one, but two,  focused networking sessions which were industry specific. Many discount the magic of online experiences, however, I will continue to note the unique opportunities to connect. This gives you a reason for follow-up and maybe even a plan for an IRL meeting.

--All keynotes were available to us “live” and this was exceptional!   Karith was a fabulous hostess and kept the energy high as we awaited the next event. Music is so often overlooked, but this was an important energizer. I will suggest that SHRM post the Playlists to Spotify as these were excellent choices for all musical tastes. Brad Paisley, was an added bonus for those who enjoy some Country Music. This was an all-access event!

--Great stretch breaks offered that included Zumba and Yoga as well as Chair exercises. Sometimes, we need to be reminded to move after a day at our desks. Thank you for considering our wellness from our desks.

--New Orleans – Quiz and Competition. This was better for our hips over the tempting Beignets and Gumbo offered in NOLA. This online format was engaging and created a fun competition. The 25-question quiz helped us learn some added treats about New Orleans.

--The Presentations which were offered “live” and streamed to us remotely did an excellent job in connecting with the online audience. A shout-out to the great staffers at SHRM for adding support and bringing forth the questions from the virtual audience. We also have access to these sessions until mid-August. That is a great added bonus for a re-view and re-watch. Thank you for that lagniappe, SHRM.

--Magic Tricks were another unexpected treat. What a great way to laugh and be in awe and wonder over magic tricks. These were great hacks to rest and re-set our brains. Yet another reminder that re-charging is important for us!

--The most memorable experience for me was Cozy, Juicy and Real a virtual board game and team building exercise designed by Jed and Soph Lazer.  I have seen many an attempt at an online game for team building, and this was by far the best. We played in small teams and I have since connected with my four teammates post the game. Great stories were shared and these were deep and unique connections. We found common ground and connection points in minutes and bravely asked follow-up questions to our findings. 

--I must admit, I missed my Blog Team and Influencers on the ground in NOLA, these have become some amazing friends over the years (and there are still some who I have not yet met IRL). I felt connected to the Annual Conference and I added connection to the online experiences over my virtual attendance.

--The chat boxes in all of my Virtual Sessions were a fire storm of comments and connections. This might be a next reality of Association Meetings going forward. Different has many things to offer and I am challenged to continue to welcome the many changes as we map our next.  Virtual worked for me this Spring/Summer of 2022. I enjoyed my experiences more than I expected. 

Thank you, SHRM!

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