My First National Conference

This year was my first opportunity to attend SHRM's Annual Conference and Exposition and I have to say I was overall very pleased with the experience.  There was no shortage of excellent speakers and sessions and the hardest part was choosing between them.  My favorite sessions were probably:

  • From the Files of the Bizarre: The Latest, Most Unusual Employment Law Cases with Joseph Beachboard;  
  • MEGA SESSION: Detecting Lies and Deception: Practical Skills for HR Professionals with Michael Wade Johnson;
  • Leadership Communication: Develop, Deliver, Connect with Jeff Lanza;
  • MEGA SESSION: Ego vs. EQ: How Top Business Leaders Beat 8 Ego Traps with Emotional Intelligence with Jen Skirkani.

The exhibitors went all out and had some awesome giveaways and games such as trivia, free headshots, Wii games, and so much more to entice people into their booths.  I only spent a few minutes in one of the available lounges (the leaders lounge), but they seemed to be very nice options to catch some down time during the conference. 

I really only have two complaints: the food, and the lack of places to sit (other than the floor) and eat.  I understand that what was chosen was probably the 'easiest' for the setting, but considering how much the conference cost, it would have been nice to have better food options.  There were tables set up during the lunch hour, however there weren't nearly enough for everyone, so the floor was my best option both days.

Overall, SHRM's Annual Conference was everything I had heard and expected it to be and really enjoyed networking and learning a lot.  If you have never been, I highly recommend you go!

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