My Favorite Quotes from #SHRM18



#SHRM18 was a HUGE success. As a second time attendee, I was surprised to see how many people were interested to know what we do as #SHRM18 bloggers and what sessions we’re interested in attending. People were so interested to know how we got into SHRM and how can they start their own blog. I was so happy to pass along all the good information as well as my experience working with the SHRM team.

I attended many great sessions including two keynote speaker sessions. To sum up my experience at the #SHRM18 conference, I am sharing with you my favorite quotes from the sessions that I attended. For more insights and videos from the conference, you can follow me on Twitter (@Kiran_Ali91).

Favorite Quotes from SHRM18 Conference

From the session, 90 days will make or break your new hires:

"As boomers become ready to exit, there's not going to be a one to one replacement. We will have to fast track millennials into leadership positions & retain them into the org. Onboarding plays a great role!"

Session on “How to be a better Business Partner” by Joe Rotella:

"Don't let the fear of failure keep you from listening."

Keynote session by Adam Grant:

"If you feel your culture is similar to others, you're missing out on opportunities."

“Leaders should adopt problem boxes, not suggestion boxes. If leaders show that they are vulnerable and are open to ideas and criticisms, it lowers the power distance and employees feel that they can approach their leaders with feedback.”

“Figure out who the givers are & who are the takers. Keep takers off the bus; Takers do cultural damage, steal credit for people's ideas, and contribute to a toxic environment.”

The "disagreeable givers" are the most undervalued people in our organizations. They challenge the status quo. They are more credible advocates of ideas.”

Session on “How to build a culture that rock” by Steve Brown:

"The more we tear our people down, the more we hate what we do."

“Your desk should be clean because… you shouldn’t be there! You should be out with your people. Your desk doesn’t care if you are gone. Your people notice when you’re gone.”

“Companies are better if you bring YOURSELF to work on purpose. If the company does not like you for who you are, go find another company. “

“Never assume the obvious is true in HR. You have to do the extra and know the trust. Only dead fish go with the flow!”

“Great HR people swim against the crowd not with the crowd.”

“You are only confined by the walls that you build yourself. Its time you find that wall and tear it down”

“Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already!”

Last Keynote session by COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg:

“As men get more successful, they get MORE liked. As women get more successful, they are less liked.”

“Think about the future, but what's important is to really focus on what's going on today, and be willing to take many paths to get to your end goal.”

“Sometimes doing something is better than not doing anything. If someone's is going through a hard time, ask them how they're doing. We're afraid to ask people because we don't want to remind them about their hardship. Sometimes asking can go a long way.”

I would like to conclude by expressing my gratitude to the entire SHRM team and my fellow bloggers. Without you, the conference would not be successful.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to step up and make a difference in our HR world.



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