Moving with the Times: Why Partner Employment Access Contributes to Successful Global Mobility Policy #SHRMGMIS


Permits Foundation is delighted to be taking part in the SHRM Global Mobility and Immigration Symposium. In our session, the Foundation and guest speakers will focus on the issue of mobile partner employment access worldwide. We will explain why now is a perfect time for global mobility professionals to support employment authorization policy for dependents of international employees  - to help ensure that companies can continue to move talent internationally while also recognising the needs of mobile families in these challenging times.

In countries around the world, the political landscape is rapidly changing. Governments coming out of lockdown are looking for policy solutions to boost their economy and bring highly skilled talent back into the country while - at the same time - protecting the local labor market. To grow and thrive in this new business climate, companies will still need that vital transfer of skills and knowledge, yet employees are likely to be more reluctant to move where they may be even temporarily separated from loved ones.

In the session Moving With The Times, and in the context of this changing political landscape, speakers will discuss partner employment access. Our speakers from NetExpat will examine the data and reflect on hot topics including short-term and split assignments, generational differences and how dual careers pre move are now the norm. We will also hear the company perspective from our speaker from Volkswagen AG, and why the issue of employment access for dependents is an important aspect of their partner support program and a key factor for the success of an assignment.

Over 35 countries worldwide now adopt policy that enables dependent work authorization. Permits Foundation looks forward to discussing ways to continue this positive global trajectory that benefits companies, mobile employee families and host countries, including where we have driven our advocacy forward in recent years. We are also excited to share our brand new world map platform which provides country by country information on legislation relating to partner employment access. SHRM participants will be shown countries that already implement good practice legislation as well as how destinations compare on a number of criteria such as recognition for same-sex couples, non-married partners, other family members and where dependents can also access self-employment.

We look forward to welcoming you to Permits Foundation’s session: Moving with the Times: Why Partner and Spouse Employment Access Contributes to Successful Global Mobility Policy

About Permits Foundation: Permits Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organisation sponsored by over 40 major companies and organisations. The Foundation operates globally via dialogue with government in order to improve work permit regulations so that partners of highly-skilled mobile employees can gain direct access to employment when in the host country.



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