More SHRM A-Team Interactions with NH Congressional Delegation

September 17, 2014

During the August Congressional recess, I had the opportunity, along with other SHRM A-Team members, to meet with Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH-01) in her office in Rochester, NH. It was our initial meeting with Representative Shea-Porter, as we had met in the past with members of her congressional staff. We explained the purpose of the A-Team, stressed that this was meant to be an ongoing relationship, and hoped we could be a resource in the future if she or her staff had questions or sought input on business or HR-related matters. The Congresswoman agreed that, although someone on her staff reads every letter or e-mail that is sent on a subject, having a personal connection and face-to-face meetings is more effective in advancing our advocacy efforts. This is especially true since the Congresswoman no longer participates in open Town Forum types of meetings, although she did express a willingness and desire to visit a business, if invited, and speak with a group of employees. This is an effort we will pursue if she is successful in defending her seat in the upcoming mid-term election.

We also discussed proliferation of Executive Orders that have been issued and are expected to resume after the mid-terms. Representative Shea-Porter indicated that it is possible to impact these through a Congressional letter to the Administration, and that she would be willing to consider sponsoring such a letter outlining the small business community’s interests in the impact of proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

During our meeting, Congresswoman Shea-Porter was very open and candid in her comments, particularly regarding the current partisanship and lack of compromise in the current Congress. She was optimistic that it would change in the future, but unfortunately thought some things, like tax reform, may need to wait until after the 2016 elections.

Richard G. Murphy
Vice President, Human Resources
Sterilite Corporation
Brentwood, NH
SHRM A-Team Advocacy Captain


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