Mind Full or Mindful?



My Monday Morning Musing and Challenge...

If you can quiet your mind, you can become more present with the people you meet, you lead, you follow, and you inspire. This quiet will also focus the work that you set forth to accomplish, but today's challenge is to be more present with your audience. The power of connection has more promise when you are paying full attention.

How can you be more mindful with your teams, your families, your friends, your peers and yourself? Try to image the shoes that others are walking in to aid in your mindfulness. As they are readying for a fall get-away, how can you help them arrange for their absence? As they prepare for a meeting or major presentation, how can you offer any assistance? Are they still struggling with the move of their first-born off to college? If there is an unexpected absence, how can you inquire and ask to support? Follow-up questions are a beautiful way to show your care and concern. The flowers and the sympathy cards marking the death of a parent or a loved one have a place. There is important grieving that continues long after these symbols are gone.

The wise Regina Brett commented,

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.”

This quotes serves as great reminder to me to be mindful of others to make our connections count.

To my Human Resource colleagues, are you ready to take this challenge and step in someone else's shoes this week for a new look and perspective?  Your teams deserve your attention when they come to you with questions or when seeking advice and explanations. Quiet your mind, be mindful and be open to listen and learn.  Your presence will be appreciated.



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