Metro of the Month: Minneapolis/St. Paul


Continued job growth in the health care, manufacturing and biosciences industries has helped to keep the unemployment rate low in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. State and local officials, however, have rolled out several grant programs to get even more people back to work.

Among the programs designed to bolster the labor force is the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership, a state initiative that awards grants to educational institutions so they can partner with businesses and create training programs. In 2013, Minnesota committed $8 million to the program over a two-year period, but another $4 million was added due to heightened demand, and the state recently approved another $8.5 million for 2015-2016.

Health-related interests in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region – which spans 11 counties in Minnesota and two counties in Wisconsin – include medical device manufacturing, benefit management organizations and divisions of the renowned Mayo Clinic.

The metro area’s Fortune 500 companies include retailer Target, food company General Mills and technology research and development giant 3M. And the largest shopping structure in the U.S. continues to get bigger – the Mall of America in Bloomington is in the midst of adding hotels, office space, restaurants and a water park on the mall’s property.

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