Metro of the Month: Cleveland

Food production and the automotive industry continue to strengthen the Cleveland region’s economy, and health care is expected to be a major driver for job growth in the near future.

From 2015 to 2025, the Cleveland area will generate 85,000 job openings in the health care industry, either through new positions or replacements.

The Cleveland region, which spans five counties in northeast Ohio, will have 123,000 new jobs overall by 2025, and food manufacturing will also play a big role in that growth. That sector is responsible for $2.6 billion in annual local economic activity.

The automotive sector has also enjoyed a revival in the Cleveland region as of late. Among the recent good news was a decision by Ford Motor Co. to shift production of a line of its pickup trucks from Mexico to an existing plant in Avon Lake, located just west of Cleveland. Ford invested $168 million to retool the facility, and production began in the summer of 2015. Ford employs about 1,400 workers at the plant.

Some of the Cleveland area’s local Fortune 500 companies include auto insurance giant Progressive, paint products company Sherwin-Williams and technology interest Parker Hannifin.

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