Maximizing Your SHRM Annual Conference Experience

A few weeks from now you will grab your favorite travel accessories in preparation for the 65th annual Society of Human Resource Management Annual Conference. I’m sure you are bursting with excitement to get to Chicago to learn, network, and build your strategic toolbox. By the time you return from the Windy City many of you will be recertified or adding a letter to your post name credentials. Whether it’s your first SHRM conference experience or your 65th, maximizing your time is essential. So on behalf of the #SHRM13 social media team; allow me to be the first to welcome you to Chicago with a few friendly tips.

  1. Download the #SHRM13 Mobile App

Enter the app store and search “SHRM 2013 Conference.” This app will assist you in managing your schedule, show you a directory of exhibitors/speakers/sponsors, provide a facility map of McCormick Place, link you to various social media outlets, and so much more. Save paper and time manually recording your “to do” list….it’s all right here in your freshly manicured little hand.

  1. Visit the SHRM Website

Not a mobile enthusiast..? No problem! Visit - to get hotel & travel info, speaker bios, an expo map, descriptions and planning modules for speaker sessions, and much more.

  1. Follow the SHRM13 hashtag - #SHRM13

Go to – if you don’t have an account it takes 2 minutes to start one….you don’t have to participate to monitor activity. Search SHRM13 click on the #SHRM13 (hashtag). This will allow you to follow live coverage of all the events in real time. Want to attend overlapping concurrent sessions? No problem, attend one and follow the hashtag to gain knowledge on the other.

  1. Visit The Hive

The SHRM social media team made up of vetted and qualified social media experts will be giving tutorials in The Hive. Located right next to the SHRM bookstore at McCormick Place, the Hive will have free Social Media tutorials. You need not know anything about the social enterprise to join the party. We will show you the benefit of social media in expanding your thought leadership through a network of a million new like-minded friends.

  1. Have a Plan

If you plan on entering the Exhibitor Hall…..have a plan! You can be a massive benefit to your organization by identifying an unmet need that our over 700 qualified strategic partners can fulfill. Take a little time to review the vendor list, understand the service they provide, mark their position in the exhibitor hall, and start the qualifying process. Why conduct a year-long RFP process when you can meet the best and brightest our industry has to offer in just one afternoon at SHRM 13.

Most of all: Have Fun! There will be a lot of programming, a lot of walking, and a whole lot of networking. Commit to endure it all with a smile! Remember you represent yourself and your organization at all times, no one likes a frowning Debbie (or Donald) Downer. You have a unique and empowered opportunity to learn, make new friends, and expand your thought leadership position.

See You in Chicago!

Dave Kovacovich

#SHRM13 social media team

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