Making Contacts; Making Progress

SHRM15 has begun, and the latest numbers puts attendees just shy of 15,500.  Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, the sheer number of attendees at this year's conference suggests you may meet lots of meet new people.

Let me rephrase that, you SHOULD meet LOTS of new people.

If you look up from your phone, you will meet new people.

If you split up from your colleagues, you will meet new people.

If you break out of your comfort zone, you will meet new people.

Please, folks, meet new people!

Your employer, or perhaps you personally, paid an inordinant amount of money to send you to Vegas for this conference. There is, of course, fantastic professional development to be had via concurrent sessions but if you stop there, you're missing the boat.

Many of you may miss out on opportunities to build your professional network  because you don't  look up!

And trust me, folks, a strong professional network can serve as an EXTRAORDINARY  medium for professional development. These contacts have access to information, they serve as mentors and coaches, they have connections you'll benefit from, etc. And finally,those strangers sitting next to you at the concurrent session have experiences and insights that help to amplify what the speaker just shared with don't let them be a stranger! Introduce yourself and make a new contact.

There are lots of people, I'm sure, giving you advice. Sorry about that. 

But trust me on this one. Look up, make new contacts, and make great progress towards being the best HR professional you can be.

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