Major League Hacking (MLH): Empowering the Next Generation of Developers

Major League Hacking (MLH) is a 2022 WorkplaceTech Accelerator (WTA) cohort member. The WTA is a premier program for all things future of work and is powered by SHRMLabs (SHRM’s innovation lab and venture capital arm). Our inaugural 8-week virtual accelerator program is currently underway and is designed to scale up early-stage, growth-driven startups dedicated to elevating HR and solving today’s most pressing workplace challenges. We asked each of the six cohort members to share their story in their own words. 

MLH helps with hiring early-career technical talent. From our talent pool, we quickly and efficiently fill headcount with exceptionally right-fit candidates in key geographies. MLH works to empower the next generation of developers. We do this by closing the gap between the education offered to software engineers and the actual skills needed to be a production-ready developer who can contribute to a company's goals.  

I have the honor of helming the audacious new effort MLH is committed to, powered by deep, world-spanning relationships that MLH has forged with its 500k+ global member community.  

It is now possible to collaborate with MLH across three types of offerings:  

  1. Hackathons for organizations to share their employer brand with emerging coders and create net promoters on hundreds of campuses. 

  1. The MLH Fellowship for companies investing in promising engineers who earn a stipend, receive technical mentorship, and are part of a peer group that prepares them for successful careers in software development.  

  1. Hiring from our Fellowship talent pool. 

With MLH it's easier to recruit the hard-to-find, but crucial, software engineering team members. Specifically, hiring teams can hone into a "goldilocks" type of candidate: a developer who is still junior but who also has enough real-world experience to demonstrate that they can contribute to coding efforts that matter to software engineers beyond classroom walls.  

Did you know that one out of every three Computer Science students beginning their careers this year in the United States of America is an MLH community alum? As the MLH network continues to expand internationally, the competitive advantage of MLH as the worldwide nexus of next-generation talent grows. With MLH as the partner to talent acquisition teams, organizations can approach hard-to-reach software engineers with an authentic, and trusted household name on their side.  

Finding and hiring the right person is more efficient as a direct result of the MLH Fellowship. Alumni possess the hard and the soft skills needed and are actively searching. And our partners feel confident about hitting their performance targets having hired developers from some of the most selective software engineering teams in the world.   

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