Mainstay: How We Are Empowering Employers to Attract, Retain and Develop Workforces

Mainstay is a 2022 WorkplaceTech Accelerator (WTA) cohort member. The WTA is a premier program for all things future of work and is powered by SHRMLabs (SHRM’s innovation lab and venture capital arm). Our inaugural 8-week virtual accelerator program is currently underway and is designed to scale up early-stage, growth-driven startups dedicated to elevating HR and solving today’s most pressing workplace challenges. We asked each of the six cohort members to share their story in their own words.

Mainstay’s Engagement Platform empowers employers to attract, retain and develop their workforce to their fullest potential. We partner with HR and Talent Acquisition teams to meet the needs of every organization’s most valuable asset: its people. 

Today’s workforce wants respect, recognition, and investment in their development.  We elevate HR teams to focus on transformational initiatives — such as mental health & wellness and diversity equity & inclusion — while Mainstay handles the constant flow of communication and support.

Together with our partners, we achieve outcomes like reducing ghosting, improving retention, reducing administrative burden, and enhancing  learning and development.  In the last six years, we’ve engaged more than six million people in a continuous text conversation powered by behavioral intelligence.

It’s not enough to send a one-way email blast or quarterly engagement survey.  People need proactive support, deeper connection, and acknowledgement that their voices matter.  With Mainstay, you can provide personalized and relevant messaging that keeps the conversation with your workforce going so that you can surface challenges, improve efficiency, and spark creativity from the frontline to the board room.

For example, through our platform, one of our global e-commerce partners answers thousands of employee questions automatically each month, freeing HR staff to focus on high value, strategic activities. Another partner discovered a common set of issues among candidates who dropped out of pre-boarding and adjusted shift schedules and policies to remove major blockers to hiring. And yet another surfaces constant insights into frontline working conditions to improve plant safety.

If you are interested in next-level workforce transformation, particularly for frontline workers or entry-level talent, we want to partner with you!

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