LIVE from Las Vegas: Don’t Gamble on Talent

No one likes to gamble on talent.  It’s expensive!  And in today’s super-competitive, skills-starved and ever-changing talent landscape, the odds are stacked against HR.  

In order to place the best bets on talent, it’s critical for HR pros to stay on top of talent management trends.  There are many avenues to find great information, and of course, we at SHRM think that our Talent Management Conference and Exposition is the best.  

Those in the human resources understand that one of the greatest benefits of the profession is the camaraderie that exists among HR pros, and their inclination to help, encourage and teach each other through networking and the sharing of best practices. There’s an appreciation – and often an empathy - that results from a career in the talent management trenches.

Not every HR pro will have the time or budget to attend this amazing conference, so in the spirit of giving back and paying it forward, please join @shrm and @weknownext ALL day on Monday April 15 for a special Talent Tips Marathon, LIVE from the SHRM Talent Conference in Las Vegas.  We’re inviting the conference attendees – more than 1,000 of the world’s savviest talent managers – and all human resources pros from around the world, to share their best hiring advice in 140 characters or less using the #SHRMTalent hash tag. 

Please start each tweet with the word “Tip.”  (Example: Tip: Hire for Attitude. Train for Skills #shrmtalent.)

Lucky you!  Let the winning begin.


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