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Live Blog Recertification Live Chat
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Is this the SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Recertification: Live Chat?

What is the best way to become informed of local meetings, luncheons, seminars, or information sessions that approved companies such as law firms, may provide for re-certification?

Can you explain how to submit classes/lectures to receive recert credit?

What is the turnaround time to have it reflected?

Will a written confirmation be sent out?

Do you need to make sure you obtain 20 credits each year or do you just need to make sure you have a total of 60 at the end of your 3 years for re-certification.

Do you forsee the cost of the cert test / materials being reduced? $1200 for test and materials is pretty onerous

How do you determine what projects/initiatives are eligible for recert credits?

What other lectures, outside of, will be approved for CP or SCP recert credit?

I am not able to see the presentation at all

My certification expires in June I've only taken a few web trainings up until now - how is the best way to ensure I have all the required credits prior to June

Where can I find webinars or other training that is free and also gives recertification credits?

How many PDC's do you receive for taking a 3 unit course at a JC?

Can you explain how the reading and quiz portion works? If you are not a national SHRM member, can you still access the reading list and quizzes?

When submitting for recertification do the credits have to be in a certain discipline area for SHRM-SCP recertification or is there a requirement?

If I earn all the credits necessary - From the infographic it appears I just pay an application fee. Does that mean if my end date is 01/19, that is when my new period of certification starts?

Can I earn credit for watching webcasts that have taken place in the past? Thanks!

If I recert early ... I have until 8/2018 but have all my recert hours now ... Do any hours I complete before 8/2018 count towards my next recert period?

I'm not sure I've ever submitted my SHRM renewal for credits. Do they email the codes upon renewal?

Sorry I accidently logged out

Would a HR luncheon that has a guest speaker count for re-certification credit?

What are examples of non self directed credits?

I value the post.Thanks Again. Cool. - Ciejka

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