Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: Religious Accommodations

Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: Religious Accommodations
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As an employer, what are we expected to accomodate?

What do you do if someone is "using" a religious holiday as an excuse to get out of work but they really don't practice/participate in the holiday?


I know this is a loaded questions, but how much accommodation is enough in a manufacturing environment?

If a meeting is scheduled on a Sunday does the employee have to attend? The meeting is with a group of people from different organizations coming together to collaborate.

Our organization does not offer Holy Thursday or Good Friday as part of our holiday schedule. Do we have to allow employees off with pay?


We are having difficulties with staff wearing nose rings for religious purposes.

Joining the conversation

Are employers required to accommodate schedule change requests (early shifts vs. late shifts) for employees observing Ramadan?

Are employers required to accomodate adjusted schedules for employees, for exampe, Rhamadon? Employees want to adjust their hours or work less during that time.

I work at a manufacturing plant that runs on a 24/7 basis, and we have a point based attendance policy for our plant laborers. Are schedule modifications considered reasonable in this setting when everyone hired knows the schedule and the expectations?

If an employee would like an hour off to attend a religious worship can we require them to return to work (considering reasonable travel time) at a certain time?

If you have a vacation policy that you must request all vacation days off at the first of the year and someone ask for a religious holiday off after having followed the policy right around the time the religious holiday starts, do we have to accommodate?

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All of your answers keep referencing "reasonable", but I think that is the primary question..........what is reasonable? Allowing someone in a manufacturing setting who is required to work every other weekend to have every Saturday off for religious reasons does not seem reasonable........and would be considered unfair by co-workers.

When a worker never works Saturdays and then is promoted and is asked to work on Saturday's is that an unreasonable request by the employer?

It would be much more helpful if the answers to the questions were provided in the chat blog, rather than just referencing a document to link to. Can you provide a brief answer to the question, as well as the reference link?

What type of criteria should an employer use to determine if an employee has a "sincerely held" belief when requesting a religious accommodation?

How do I receive a transcript of this chat?

We are a unionized, government workforce. We are a 7 day operation. Part of the contract is that the work schedule is chosen by seniority. employees work for years before getting a work schedule that includes weekends off. We are held to the contract requirements. What happens when someone gets hired and says I can't work Sundays because of church?

Thanks for hosting this event. It was informative!

As an employer; we have eight holidays and what happens if an employee states they do not celebrates certain holidays but celebrate other holidays due to their religion. As a company; do we need to give them holiday pay for those holidays they celebrate that are outside of our company holidays we offer?

I'm enjoying this opportunity to ask questions. I'd like to more of them offered.

Must the company give an entire day off when someone requests an accommodation, or do we have the right to say come in to work after your religious observance or service is over with?

Has the chat started?

I am looking for the Conducting a Form I-9 Audit chat

Will there be a document with these FAQ's shared?

I am looking for the I9 Audit!!!!! Can anyone please direct me? Thank you!

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