Live Blog Ask an Advisor chat: Conducting a Form I-9 Audit

Live Blog Ask an Advisor chat: Conducting a Form I-9 Audit
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Interested in I9 information

I am new to this process and can't wait to learn from the experts.

I'm interested in learning about the I-9 audit process from the experts.

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During an audit, it was found that some of the information from the documents provided was not recorded in Section 2. Is it okay to record this information from the copies & then initial & date it even though you weren't the one that viewed the original documentation? If not, what should be done. I am a SHRM member. Thank you.

What is the current best practice when it comes to retaining copies of documents?

When we have electronic copies of Form I-9, do we still need to keep hard copies.

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When conducting an I-9 audit, how do you know what the requirements were for previous versions of I-9 forms? (e.g. how do we audit those forms to make sure they are correct if only the instructions for the current I-9 are available)?

Are employers required to keep hard copies of completed I-9 forms on site if completed electronic versions are available

Does participation in E-Verify help in an I-9 audit? (I am a SHRM member).

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I'm interested in best practices for I9s and how others continue to be prepared in the event of an audit. For example, best way to keep forms (paper or electronic), best advice to track/discard those no longer needed, etc.


What's the best way to organize and store I-9s for employees? A "current" folder, and then separations, by year?

There is no audio on the I-9 ask an advisor and no way to enlarge the screen that I can find? This is not a good format. If I am not using this correctly please advise. It is very confusing.

Our organization just started a couple of years ago, keeping copies of all the I-9 documents. There are many existing employees who we do not have copies for. During the audit process, would we need to go back and collect copies of all the existing active employees? Thanks

If the I-9’s were incomplete or not completed properly when an HR Representative came on board, what should the next steps be? Should they have everyone complete a new I-9? Should they keep the old ones?

I have never attended this type of chat before and do not know how to join.

Our I-9's are stored electronically in our HRIS system. Should I still keep paper copies with copies of the ID's as well? If so, what is the best storage method?

When the employer portion form is not completed on previous I-9 forms (due to a temp HR person at the time), and we ask those employees to complete a new I-9, must they provide new identification now (or can their old ID be used, as it was unexpired at the time they completed the initial form)? SHRM member

Hello! One of our clients is requiring my company to collect I9's for the independent contractors we hire. Is this legal? If not, what recourse do we have to refuse to collect independent contractors I9's? Thank you!!

I am a SHRM member.
What is the best way to file/organize terminated employees I-9 forms?

I have recently conducted an internal audit on my own of my I-9 forms. I have some I-9s completed prior to my position as HR Manager for employees who have been employed for several years. I notice some of the information for the documents used for identification are not documented under the appropriate list, i.e. social security card info is shown under List B not List C and the driver's license is listed under List C not List B. How should I correct these errors?

If we use a platform to complete I-9s do we have to have the I-9s printed and physically signed?

I am a SHRM Member. If the verifier did verify the information and section 3 was left blank? What is the process?

I just want to view the webinar, required to put in a comment

What's the best way to verify documents for out of state employees when they are the only employee in that state and working remotely?


The owner decided to become an employee for payroll purposes, however there was never an I9 produced, how does one handle this?


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We have several employees with missing or incomplete I-9's (some from as long as 5+ years ago). Should we just have them complete the newest I-9 paper form?


trying to access I-9 Audit webinar with no success


Hi there -
We have quite a few questions (I apologize in advance!), but are so appreciative of the chance to ask experts.

I-9 Questions:
• If portions of section 2 are incomplete or completed incorrectly (document list and certification), should we redo the form? If so, how do we note that it’s an authorized correction?
• If the certification section is not signed and/or dated how do we correct? Also, what date should be used – the date it was completed, the date the e-verify was completed, or today’s date?
• If the “Preparer and/or Translator Certification” has been filled out when it shouldn’t have been, how do we fix this?
• If section 1 wasn’t signed and/or dated by the employee, but e-verify has been completed, how do we correct it?

E-Verify Questions:
• For employees hired prior to E-Verify going into effect, do we need to run an E-Verify now?
• If the first and/or last name is spelled incorrectly on E-Verify, do we need to run another? What if any information is incorrect on the E-Verify (name, SS#, DL#, expiration dates, etc.) – should we run another?
• If the SS receipt or ID has expired since the initial E-Verify, do we need to run another E-Verify?

Thank you in advance!

Can I make a copy of the SS card and Driver's License or Passport and attach to the form?

If an existing employee has a name change, please confirm for me if it is necessary to document the New Name in Section 3 on the employee's I-9 Form and if so, is it necessary to receive and review the new identifying documents that reflects the name change?

If we have a lot (several hundreds) of incorrectly-completed I-9s, can we just write a blanket memo and attach them to all I-9s once they have been corrected?

I am conducting an I=9 audit and can not find the original I-9 for a long term employee. What should I do???

Did my previous question come through, I don't see that it's been answered?

Hello! We are located in California but will have an employee in Canada. Will he need to complete an I-9 form? Thank you!

If you discover an active employee hired in 2012 does not have an I-9 form on file, what should you do? Hired after 11/6/1986.

During an audit, if discovered that the documentation for one of the ID's required is missing, can you ask the employee to bring that document to you and add it to the I9?

With multiple locations, we will send I9s out to managers to administer to the new employees on their first day. Occasionally, managers will send the completed form and required forms of ID back to HR without competing the Certification portion at the bottom of the second page. Is this something the manager supervising the employee must complete or is it okay if they send it to HR to complete?

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I am conducting an I-9 Audit. What if the wrong version was used at the time of hire?

We always complete our I-9's prior to an employee's start date. Am I able to accept identification that is not expired at the time that I inspect it & complete the form, but it has expired prior to their start date? For instance if I meet with them on April 1st to get their ID & complete their I-9 on that date and they provide a passport that expires on April 7th, is it OK that the ID has expired before their start date if they are starting work on April 15th?

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