Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat - Compensation: Paying for Travel Time

Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat - Compensation: Paying for Travel Time
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Can travel time rate be different with regular work hour rate?

Are there any special rules regarding travel time for non-exempt employees of a church/religious organization (Not-for-profit) when they travel on trips?

If an hourly employee is required to attend training at an alternate location that is approximately 2.5 hours from their primary work location are we required to pay for travel time if we are compensating them for mileage? Are we required to compensate them for mileage?

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Does one have to pay for overnight time spent in hotel room?

Hello, please clarify for non exempt employees does travel time count as hours worked (count towards OT)?

question about travel per diems

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What is compensable concerning travel time if the person is flying? Does it start from their home/office until arriving at the hotel?

If an employee travels to their work destination and then after the work at that destination is completed decides to go out with friends in that area, then drives back from that work destination after the outing with peers. Would the employer be responsible for paying for the employees mileage back?

Employer required classes: can employer make employee change shifts & take classes on their day off (yes they are paid for the class but what about the travel) for police or fire departments?

If we give car allowance for travel can the employee also get reimbursed for gas and parking?

We have employees who work with Youth. On occasion there will be overnight camping trips. How should they be paid for their work when they are on duty 3 straight days. Do you pay for time spend sleeping since they are technically responsible for the youth for the entire excursion?

How many hours would be paid for this day? Employee's standard work schedule is 6:30a-3:00p. Travel day begins at 6:00a and ends at 2:30p. No work activities during free time from 2:30-5:30p. Combined non work/work dinner from 5:30-7:30p. Remainder of the evening is free time.

We take all of our full- and part-time staff on an all expense paid annual staff retreat for three days. We compensate all employees for a regular 8 hour day, whether full or part-time. We have mandatory meetings during normal business hours, but we have optional recreational activities in the evening. What concerns should I have?

Does travel time include being stuck in traffic?

We have nonexempt employees that travel out of state. What laws would employees be subject to? Home state or state where visiting?

If employee is asked to respond to quick text or email (2-5 minutes) while traveling and is outside the normal work schedule, what amount of time is considered deminimis versus compensable time? Is there a distinction by state?


We are flying a non exempt employee overseas to work for a few days. Is the flight time compensable as well as the hours at the overseas facility?

If employee's travel time to a conference / training takes more than 8-hour day due to flight delay (let's say from departure to layover to destination took 15 hours), would all 15 hours be compensable?

We are in a location without access to public transportation. What, if any, accommodations do we need to make for employees? Do we need to consider mileage reimbursement for their commute or is that a normal expectation of the job?

There are a lot of SHRM references in the answers and I'm not a SHRM member which I cannot access most of the content. Is another co-worker who is a SHRM member able to access these references for me?

An employee has traveled for work over the weekend on a Friday and is staying in a hotel Friday and Saturday nights. Their typical weekday work schedule is 8-5. They will only be working a partial day on Saturday from 1-5 and will have free time in the morning. Does the employee still have to be paid for the entire day Saturday (for the 4 hours from 8-12 that fall across their regular schedule) or just for the 4 hours worked from 1-5?

Do we have to pay non-exempt employees hours sleeping at a hotel? Or just the travel to the destination, etc.

Is there a minimum number of hours to pay for travel time? For example, if the commute is less than an hour, is it still required to be compensable?

During the travel time, should we pay employees the same rate when they are as a passenger in the car as they work in the working place?

We have hourly employees that go overnight trips that involve installation of signs. Should we pay the employee for all hours that they are on the trip as they sometimes include flights?

We have several non-exempt employees that travel internationally. Would the same FLSA rules apply as if the employee is traveling domestically?

What is the best practice as it relates to training location offer letter details for non-exempt employees in CA. For example, new employees train at a location farther than their "assigned work location". If we indicate they will train there on the offer letter do we we owe them travel time for the difference in distance between home and training location?