Leveraging Keywords to Advance Your Career


As an HR professional, you already know the importance of using the right keywords in a resume. Keywords can make or break job seekers’ attempts to gain an interview, as their resumes are fed into a company’s applicant tracking system or other resume scanning tools. The right keywords will get you noticed, while the absence of targeted keywords will often keep your resume from surfacing when you apply for a new job.

However, keywords are a powerful tool beyond just resume writing. They are just as important when:

  • Writing your LinkedIn profile, career bio, personal website and all other career communications.
  • Interviewing (via phone, Skype or in-person) throughout your job search campaign.
  • Writing interview thank-you notes, letters and e-mail communications.
  • Striving for a new job or promotion with your current employer where you can leverage keywords in any documents or proposals you present, and throughout the interviewing process just as you would during a full-fledged job search campaign.
  • Applying for board positions, leadership roles in organizations and other professional yet not work-related activities.

The value of keywords is not limited to helping your resume pass an electronic scan. As you can see from the list above, keywords are just as important in your verbal exchanges because they communicate critical information about your skills, qualifications, experiences and achievements.

Consider the impact that this small sampling of HR keywords and keyword phrases can have on how a prospective employer or internal hiring manager perceives you and your HR expertise...

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