Lessons for a Happy Life with an HR Spin

We learn life lessons throughout our lives. Sometimes the lessons are from our own mistakes, from being inquisitive, and other times we learn from others.  Often, the lessons are unexpected.  I recently watched a video of Sam Bern, an amazing 17 year old young man who suffered from Progeria, an extremely rare disease which causes rapid aging and various other side effects.
Sam died of the disease on Friday, January 10, but not without leaving behind some wonderful lessons for having a happy life.
I’d like to take a stab at giving life to his lessons, with an HR spin.
1. Do things that make you happy.  Shoot for the stars, you only live once. Really, it is only once.  Find out what makes you happy.  Don’t expect the job, your boss or anyone else to make you happy. Find it yourself. Encourage creativity in the workplace so everyone can find what makes them happy.
2. Surround yourself with people you want around you. This means create meaningful relationships, both inside and outside your company.  Encourage mentoring.  Don’t close the door on someone because you think they might be “different.”  If you work with people who suck the life out of you or the organization – fix it.
3. Keep moving forward.  When you look around your workplace do you see people who are stuck in the past? Afraid to move forward? Afraid to make changes? Afraid to think out-of-the box? Inspire change.  Encourage employees and management to come up with new ideas.  Motivate employees and management to do more, and be more, than they think they can.
4. Never miss a party if you don’t have to. I have no idea how to tie that to HR or employment law. To me, this is what I got from Sam’s last lesson: always be on the lookout for fun.
The video is inspiring and I encourage you take a few minutes to watch it – you will be forever changed. And, hopefully, you will see life a little differently than before you watched it.
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