Leader, Follower, or Nuisance


Which are you?

  • Leader
  • Follower
  • Nuisance

Leaders don’t manage! Leaders Inspire, influence, and innovate. Let that sink in.

If you don’t inspire people to discover and use their time, talents, and treasures, you’re probably not a leader. If you influence people by word or deed, you might be a leader. If you are innovative, you have potential to lead. Leadership has nothing to do with monitoring time and attendance and the way people accomplish tasks. Leaders can’t be small-minded; their vision is too broad!

Followers jump on proverbial bandwagons. They do what is popular, what is common. They conform. In fact, they do what I call “contort-to-conform”.  Followers tend to go out of their way to make sure they dress, talk, behave like their peer groups, their “tribes” if you will.  Followers take instruction and execute orders without critical analyses. They take the broad path – easy enough to get along with but inconsequential.

Then there is everyone else. I call this last group “Nuisances”. 

They feel the natural desire to be unique. They want to be, say, do, and believe something that is different from their family, employer, neighborhood, church, alma mater, etc., but

  1. They don’t know how and
  2. they don’t sacrifice the time to discover and to study their innate gifts and
  3. how those gifts can contribute to the world,

So they merely exist, meandering in frustration.

No one is inspired by this group, just annoyed.

This group does no influencing, because they are so annoying and unsettling, no one wants to be like them or learn from them.

They are not innovative either. Rebellion without cause is not new.

To which group do you belong and for the rest of 2016, which one will it be?



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