Last 100 days of 2018



Fall is much more than Pumpkin Spice and Open Enrollment.

Carve out some important time for yourself to review 2018. Encourage your HR Teams to do the same. I will suggest framing this in a quiet time and place. This is the moment to make any adjustments, cancels or re-starts of projects before the calendar turns. Re-read your journal if you use a pen as your exercise to capture the moments along with your aspirations.  The SWOT questions are a perfect place to start:

  • What has been your strong suit this year?   What have you celebrated?
  • Where have the weak links appeared? What isn’t being done?
  • As you look forward to 2019, where is the glimmer of opportunity? 
  • Are there any looming threats?
  • What goal is no longer shiny and bright?  Has it been properly replaced?  Or, is this simply in need of a re-polish?

Consider conducting this assessment in your personal life. I challenge you to map out a vacation plan for 2019. This will give you something to look forward to and plan for as the calendar pages turn. What is something new you want to do in 2019? How many new memories and experiences will you create in 2019? These planning thoughts are much clearer now than over champagne and the Holidays.



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