Kat Cole on Executive Impact: Business Leaders Focus on the Whole Bun, Not Just a Slice

On June 18, Kat Cole (Group President, FOCUS Brands – the company behind the Cinnabon brand) spoke to a crowd of over 18,000 HR Business Leaders at the 2017 Annual SHRM Conference in New Orleans, La. There were many takeaways – “never forget where you came from but don’t let it solely define you” was a crowd pleaser – but her big takeaway was the difference between Business Partners and Business Leaders.

Business Partners focus on the business from their point of view; Business Leaders focus on the holistic picture of the entire business.

My Take: Business Partners Look Up, Business Leaders Look Around

Human Resources Takeaway: HR professionals must step outside the office and get in touch with employees in their element. This helps inform hiring decisions and talent management conversations. 

Professional Development Takeaway: HR professionals must “think like you run the company” and have a general understanding of how the various aspects of the business interact with one another and with the customers. HR has the influence to bring positive changes to every aspect of the organization – that’s not something every department can say!

Leadership Takeaway: As an HR pro, own the responsibility of moving the business bottom line. When you become invested in the outcome and not just the processes, you’ll be seen as more impactful in your organization. [Unlock your leadership potential today!] 

As you think about the evolution of the HR pro in your organization, how can you look around [for holes and inefficiencies while bringing cross-functional solutions] and not just up [to management for support and guidance]?  

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