Just The Facts About Workplace Social Media

I’m captivated by infographics.  They, in my mind are the preferred alternative to boring reports and bullet-filled craptastic powerpoint presentations.  For me an infographic is a great way to explain a point of view or organize a group of interesting facts and data points designed to please the eye.  Kind of like how social media is the new alternative to email.

I’m pretty passionate about social media in the workplace. Last week I flew to New York City to speak at Jeff Pulver’s BrandsConf and this week I’m traveling to San Diego where I’m speaking and training a group of employment law attorneys on social media and its place in the workplace.  But before I hop on that plane, I wanted to leave you as well as your senior leaders with an infographic designed to discuss social media and its place in the workplace.

The infographic is made to view, share, and generate conversations.  Feel free to print, post, and forward as way to help explain, demonstrate, and discuss social media at work.

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