It's Time to Cause The Effect

Throughout the last two years of a global crisis and unprecedented upheaval, HR was asked to do more than it ever has. And we stepped up in response to monumental threats to people’s lives and livelihoods. We discovered the profound impact HR can have on business, on workers, in the workplace, and in the world.

As we examine the future of work, we are starting to see the potential impression HR can make in setting the stage for business going forward. HR’s leadership can reshape the work environment to the benefit of workers and businesses. SHRM has amassed the insights, information, strategies, and expertise to empower business to thrive. SHRM has partnerships with policy leaders and the business community to create an environment where workplaces are more productive. Though HR performed admirably in response to a rapidly shifting economic landscape, we have arrived at a point where simply responding is not enough. SHRM’s groundbreaking research, innovative tools, and leadership insights empower our 300,000-plus HR and business executive members and partners in 165 countries to effectively reshape the business landscape. HR must seize this opportunity to effect real change.

I am thrilled to welcome the launch of SHRM’s new brand initiative: Cause the Effect. It represents SHRM’s focus on the new horizon of the world of work and seeks to actively influence the landscape of business.

To proactively shape the future of work, HR must Cause the Effect. To meet the needs of a transforming global economy, HR must Cause the Effect. To marshal all the available sources of talent, HR must Cause the Effect. SHRM causes better workplaces by leveraging its knowledge, expertise, tools, and support to help HR professionals interpret trends and regulations, apply new approaches, and succeed in disruptive times.  It means more than just staying ahead of the curve—we need to generate the curve.

For SHRM’s membership, this means creating a work environment where individual dreams and aspirations take root, flourish and become a reality; empowering workers everywhere to be their very best. Reshaping the work environment means challenging preconceived notions and outdated practices; and implementing larger, systemic, enterprise-wide changes in organizations.

HR has the power and the responsibility to advance the very nature of business to create better workplaces and ultimately, a better world.

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