Is Social Media A Necessary Evil at Work?

No matter how you might try to fight against it, or pretend it isn't a "thing," social media is here to stay. It's changing the way we buy, the way we keep in touch with our friends, the way we get our news, and now - how companies hire and engage their employees. So, what are the in's and out's of social media use that business owners and HR professionals need to know about? This episode of the Business, Life, & Coffee Podcast featuring Aliah Wright, manager/online editor for SHRM, best-selling author, award winning speaker, and social media strategist dives into the way businesses and recruiters are using social media to build their brands and attract great talent.

If you are attending SHRM 2016, make sure you check out her pre-conference panel session entitled "Social Solutions for HR: Social Media Strategies to Help Achieve Your HR and Business Goals."

Topics We Cover:

  1. How Businesses are Using Social Media @ Work
  2. The Very Impressive Stats Surrounding Social Media Recruitment
  3. Ways to Use Internal Social Media to Engage Employees
  4. Why You Should Attend The Pre-Conference Session
  5. Social Media Do's and Don'ts
  6. A Necessary Evil: Managing Employee Activity on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin... and the Hundreds of Other Social Media Sites
  7. Employee Rights on Social Media
  8. Parting Thoughts
  9. How to Contact Aliah



About Aliah: 

For more than 15 years, Aliah has worked as an award-winning reporter, writer, editor, artist, manager, web designer, web content manager and now social media strategist. 

She is the author of the best-selling social media book, A Necessary Evil: Managing Employee Activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … and the Hundreds of Other Social Media Sites (SHRM, 2013).  A best seller for SHRM's publishing division, the book advocates the use of social media by employers and their employees. She has traveled the world speaking and training HR professionals on professional and personal social media communications as well as innovations in social media recruiting. 

In addition to writing for SHRM’s award-winning editorial division, she also manages the division's social media strategy. SHRM is the world's largest association dedicated to the HR profession. In that role, she has become a subject matter expert on the evolution of HR Technology, Social Media Strategies, Global HR, and Business Leadership and Strategy.

Resources Mentioned on the Show:
Eric Meyer's Employment Law Blog -


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