Invested - The Role of Traditions in Creating a Team Environment


With few exceptions, creating teams within a workforce is one of the best ways to stimulate business. The more engaged and stimulated the employees, the more productive they are and the more profitable you become. Sounds simple enough, but such camaraderie does not necessarily materialize out of thin air. A good team needs a good coach. 

Unfortunately, though, just telling the team to link shields and forge ahead isn’t really good coaching, it’s good cheerleading. And you’re going to need to be more than just a good cheerleader if you want performance to follow. So how do you make things happen?

That’s where a company’s traditions step in. When employees are invited and encouraged to participate in some sort of activity that is non-essential to daily operations, it speaks to them on an entirely different level. It’s as if the company suddenly takes notice of the individual and says “I see you, and I think you’re worth it.” When non-essentials are emphasized along with daily duties and bottom lines, employees feel valued and valuable. They feel like people instead of numbers.

What follows is nothing short of miraculous. When people feel valuable, they smile. They talk to each other. They build relationships and bear each other’s burdens. They strive and work and INVEST THEMSELVES into the task at hand for the sake of the team, and for the sake of the company that recognizes their value.

Keep that in mind the next time you are holding a staff meeting or onboarding new employees.  Make it different! When you create an environment where your employees can break out of the box and connect with each other, they will. And, even though you may not immediately see the benefits, they are there none the less. They are there in the spirits and performance of the people you have invested in.



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