Introducing the NEW SHRM Research Department: Name TBD




Although I am very new to SHRM (with not quite 8 months under my belt), I have been doing human capital research for going on 20 years now. When I tell people what I do, I consistently get a funny look. “Research” and “Human Resources” do not necessarily come to mind as naturally as other happy marriages like “peanut butter” and “jelly.” In fact, some HR professionals find the word “research” intimidating or they don’t understand how it is useful in their jobs.

The SHRM Research department recognizes these perceptions and we want to operate in a way that draws the broader HR community into evidence-based products and solutions. Accordingly, our mission, vision, and strategy are evolving and we think there is no better time to choose a new name that conveys the new strategy and appeals more to of you. In fact, to make sure it resonates with you, we want you to help us choose it.

The Department’s vision is to advance the HR profession (and professional) by providing evidence-based insights, recommendations, and innovations at the intersection of people and work to improve the employee experience and business performance.

The new research department will translate science to practice and drive SHRM’s recognition as a thought leader in the HR space by engaging in four activities:

·         Research. Conduct and curate research to monitor and anticipate trends and evaluate the effectiveness of HR practices.

·         Innovate. Fund and/or conduct experimental and quasi-experimental research to address gaps in knowledge and practice and explore the impact of future trends.

·         Develop Practical Insights. Develop SHRM’s evidence-based positions and guidelines for effective practice.

·         Translate Research into Application. Translate or support the translation of science into customer-centric products and tools (e.g. publications, tools, infographics).

We have solicited advice from SHRM employees and now it’s time to involve our greatest asset……. You! Through social media, all of you will have the opportunity to vote on one of four names you feel best conveys this new strategy and appeals to all HR professionals.

We look forward to counting your vote and thank you your continued role in advancing the HR profession! 



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