Introducing #ALLinSTEP Captains: Joey, Megan, Steve and Steve

Next Monday, registration will open for the #ALLinSTEP Challenge at #SHRM17. In anticipation of this kick-off we will be sharing more about the team captains to help you decide what team to join!

Meet Joey, Megan and two Steves (Browne and Nunberg)—two HR bloggers, and two leaders of the #SHRM17 HR Happy Hour Facebook page.

Registration for the Step Challenge opens on Monday, May 15th—choose your team wisely!

Joey “Pace Setter” Price leads the SHRM Striders Team
Joey is a blogger at Jumpstart: HR, member of the #SHRM17 BlogSquad and was recognized as one of SHRM’s “30 under 30”.

Why Joey is excited to be a team captain and what he will do to encourage teammates:

Being a step challenge team captain would be a HUGE honor because it is a FUN way to meet new people, promote SHRM Foundation initiatives, see the conference, and burn off all the great NOLA food I intend to consume while at SHRM17 :) I'll check in with everyone on social and tweet at them. I'll set the tone by logging a ridiculous amount of steps. I'll encourage and celebrate our "Daily Leader" to inspire healthy competition within the team.

Follow Joey on Facebook:, Twitter: @joeyvpricehr, Instagram: @joeyvpricehr


Megan “The Miller Lite” Lee leads the Happy Hour Team
Megan is a blogger with LeadingEdge HR and party planner and admin for #SHRM17 Happy Hour Facebook page.

Why Megan is excited for the Step Challenge:

I love the Step Challenge and was so excited to participate in it last year! As Human Resource Professionals, we are responsible to the whole employee and that includes health and wellness. The step challenge provides an organic way to encourage us in HR to take care of ourselves and our employees, too. As a 3x Marathon finisher it is uber important to me that people get up and move! This challenge is a great way to introduce people to the concept of 10,000 a day and a healthier lifestyle.

Join Megan on the Facebook Happy Hour group:, follow Megan on Twitter: @LeadingEdgeHR Instagram: @LeadingEdgeHR



“Scubba” Steve Nunberg leads the Equal Employment Walkers Team (Team EEW)
Steve is party planner and admin for the #SHRM17 Happy Hour Facebook page.

Steve’s pitch to prospective teammates:

Want to win while having fun and stepping (like that pun?!) outside of your comfort zone? Join Team EEW and walk it out! Join Scuba Steve and your other Facebook group peers to put in the steps. I’m in it to win it and step it up! I’m excited to see how many steps we can create while learning, networking and socializing.

Join Steve on the Facebook Happy Hour group:



Steve “Geeked” Browne leads The Tribe !! Team
If you haven’t met Steve, you will soon. He’s known for his tie-dye collection and passion for #HRPositive, while also serving on the SHRM Board of Directors and blogging at Everyday People at

Steve’s pitch to prospective teammates (in song):

[Sung to The Proclaimers’ one hit wonder – “I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)”]

"If you join us, well, you know we're gonna be
We're gonna be the team who makes it fun for you !!
We'll walk throughout, the entire conference you'll see
The Tribe will be the group who helps you make it through

And with some luck, well our steps collectively
Will top the leader board and show our team is true
So, come with me, and I promise this will be
The best SHRM event you've attended, join this crew !!

The Tribe will walk 10,000 steps
And then we'll walk 10,000 more
Come and join the Tribe and be ALL IN
Join us as we walk the floors !!"

Follow Steve on Facebook: Twitter: @sbrownehr Instagram: @sbrownehr


For more information about the 2017 SHRM Foundation ALL IN Step Challenge at #SHRM17, visit



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