Introducing #ALLinSTEP Captains: Edward and Jeff

Today is a BIG DAY! Registration for the #ALLinSTEP Challenge at #SHRM17 will open later today, and in anticipation of the registration kick-off we will be sharing profiles on the final two team captains to help you decide what team to join! Check back on the SHRM Blog later today with more information about registering.

Meet Edward, SHRM Foundation scholarship winner (and Army vet!) and Dr. Jeff Walls, Professor of Business at Indiana Institute of Technology and founding advisor of the SHRM student chapter.

Edward “Deadly Edly” Pankow leads the Voyaging for Veterans Team
Edward is one of the eight SHRM Foundation Annual Conference and Exposition scholarship winners and an Army veteran.

Why Edward’s excited to lead a Step Challenge team:

I love the idea of the challenge and helping my fellow veterans. Leading a group of people to develop or maintain a healthy habit will be a lot of fun. I will enjoy motivating others and recruiting an energetic and enthusiastic group. I want to help others impress themselves and see that they can do more than they ever thought they could. Also, I am a distance runner and run a minimum of six miles per day, normally eight miles a day with 16 miles on Sundays.

Follow Edward on Twitter: @HReddie Instagram: @edward.pankow


Jeff “Dr. Walls” leads the Future Stars in HR Team
Jeff is Professor of Business at Indiana Institute of Technology and the founding (and award-winning!) advisor of the SHRM student chapter.

Dr. Walls’ pitch to prospective teammates:

SHRM NOLA17 marks my 25th Anniversary: I have attended every SHRM Annual conference since 1993 with a group of students and this year’s Annual Conference will be my 25th.

“Let the celebration begin: Step up, Step out, and participate in the Step Challenge to raise funds for the SHRM Foundation and veteran employment. Bring your walking shoes, join our team, plan to step in style, enjoy the conference, and tour NOLA with the Cool Future Stars in HR!”

Follow Dr. Walls on Twitter: @FutureStarsInHR

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For more information about the 2017 SHRM Foundation ALL IN Step Challenge at #SHRM17, visit



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