Introducing #ALLinSTEP Captains: Denise, Roshelle and Paula

Next Monday, registration will open for the #ALLinSTEP Challenge at #SHRM17. In anticipation of this kick-off we will be sharing more about the team captains to help you decide what team to join!

Meet Denise, Roshelle and Paula, two current members and one former member of the SHRM Membership Advisory Council (MAC)!

Registration for the Step Challenge opens on Monday, May 15thchoose your team wisely!

Denise “D Wonder” Montoya leads the “D” Dynamic Wonder Team
Denise is the MAC Representative for the Southwest Central Region.

Denise’s pitch to prospective teammates:

Join D Wonder Team challenge - step it up. Track your steps and help D Wonder Team raise money for the SHRM Foundation and Volunteers of American Greater New Orleans to support their veteran employment and homelessness programs. D Wonder Team is aiming for the Golden Shoe Award. Make the difference and join us!

Follow Denise on Facebook:, Twitter: @dmontoyamk,  Instagram: @dmontoyamk


Roshelle “the Rock” Pavlin leads the Pac West is Best! Team
Roshelle is the MAC Representative for the Pacific West Region.

A special double haiku for future teammates:

At #SHRM17
Walk together as a team
For SHRM Foundation!

As we walk along
Remember #PacWestIsBest
Let’s rock this contest!

Follow Roshelle on Facebook:, Twitter: @RoshellePavlin


Paula “the Pursuer” Harvey leads the “H”appy “R”ockers team
Paula is a former MAC Representative for the Southeast Region, a SHRM Foundation scholarship sponsor and was a member of the 2016 winning Step Challenge team “Cycling.”

Paula’s pitch to prospective teammates:

I had a blast being part of the winning cyclist group at #SHRM16. So I am pumped up to build a winning team. We will have a blast and "rock" the FitBit challenge. It is fun being a cheerleader. We, as a team, will message each other encouraging everyone to step to the winner's circle. #SHRM17 attendees, if you want to rock it out with the best, join the Happy Rockers team to victory!

Follow Paula on Facebook:, Twitter: @Paula4Harvey, Instagram: @paulacat611


For more information about the 2017 SHRM Foundation ALL IN Step Challenge at #SHRM17, visit



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