Introducing #ALLinSTEP Captains: Angie, Laraine and Sharon

Next Monday, registration will open for the #ALLinSTEP Challenge at #SHRM17. In anticipation of this kick-off we will be sharing more about the team captains to help you decide what team to join!

We’re kicking off the Captain introductions with Angie, Laraine and Sharon, three members of the SHRM Membership Advisory Council (MAC)!

Registration opens on Monday, May 15th—choose your team wisely!

Angie “The Champ” Brawdy leads the Too Inspired to Be Tired! Team
Angie is the MAC Representative for the North Central Region.

Angie’s pitch to prospective teammates:

Why do we come to SHRM Annual Conference? To be inspired! An unintended outcome of attending all those brilliant sessions is the number of steps we take, which is good to counteract all the food and adult beverages consumed while at conference! Do you want to be on the winning team? This is it, let's do this! If you're in the North Central region you already know that North Central still rocks (and always will)! Join me as we Inspire and CONQUER!!!!

Follow Angie on Twitter: @angiejb123 Instagram: @angiejb123


Laraine “Step It Up” Knauss leads the Stepping It Up team
Laraine served as the MAC Representative for the Northeast Region.

What Laraine will do to encourage her teammates:

  1. Set an example.
  2. Encourage team members to “step it up” and increase their steps incrementally.
  3. Encourage everyone to participate, even if they don’t think they measure up to others.
  4. Tell others to register to support the Foundation’s efforts, even if they aren’t much of a walker.
  5. Focus on the veterans and their needs as an inspiration.

Follow Laraine on Twitter: @KnaussLaraine


“Super” Sharon Sellers leads the Superior Southeastern States Team
Sharon is a proud Southern and is a MAC representative for the Southeast Region.

Why Sharon’s excited to lead the Superior Southeastern States team:

Because we will walk circles around other teams. In the Southeast, we have been walking since we were just babies. We walk every day. Just a few minutes ago, I walked to the fridge. We know how to walk, baby! Heck, even the guy that wrote the song, "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" was named South. "Walking the Floor Over You" was written in Tennessee (by a Texan, but close enough); "Walk Unafraid" - R.E.M. from Atlanta, Ga.; "Walk the Line" - written by Johnny Cash (ok, He was from ARK, but he wrote it in TN); "Walk Outside the Lines" by the Marshall Tucker band from my own SC. You get the picture. And, oh by the way, we WILL win.

Follow Sharon on Twitter: @sellersHR

This week we will introduce you to each of the #ALLinSTEP Challenge Captains to help you decide what team to join before registration launches on Monday, May 15.

For more information about the 2017 SHRM Foundation ALL IN Step Challenge at #SHRM17, visit



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