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Could you write a job description using 30 words? How about 30 hashtags?

In this post, I’ll make the case for incorporating Instagram into your recruiting efforts.

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To consider using Instagram for recruiting, recruiters have to clear one mental hurdle:

Job postings don’t have to be words anymore.

Job postings can now take the form of Instagram hashtags with a beautifully filtered image. And when done right, recruiters can attract higher volumes of targeted passive job seeker eyeballs than they may be able to from a traditional job board posting.

To fully grasp that concept, here are some numbers around hashtag volumes on Instagram:

#WorkLife has 1.1M photos that use the hashtag.

#OfficeView and #CultureGram have over 100,000 photos

#Hiring – 228,000

#WorkLifeBalance – 86,000

#WereGrowing – 1,422

#SHRM – 6,963

#Jobs – 536,457

The list goes on.

These numbers tell me a couple things. One, we’re in the infancy of using Instagram hashtags to discover content. A Google search for “Work life” returns 25.9M results. Hiring? 251M search results on Google. In other words, the competition for attention when compared with other forms of online marketing is higher than it is right now on Instagram.

And yet, there are 300M people that use Instagram monthly, with 2.5B likes on photos a day.

How are people discovering the content to like? A primary way is hashtags.

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#Hiring #WorkWithUs #WereGrowing – there’s probably a thousand different hashtags you could use to describe your open position(s) and company, but you’re limited to just 30 hashtags per post to describe it (and one stunning picture).

How do you test out whether Instagram can enhance your recruitment efforts? By adding 30 hashtags to a post, partnering up with the person who runs the Instagram account in your company, and seeing if you could post about employment opportunities (chances are, the marketing person will say “yes” because they’re always looking for content).

Before you approach your marketing person, write your job posting with 30 hashtags. I like to break these hashtags down into sections, and I like to use a free tool called Webstagram to identify the hashtags.

First, I’ll pick high volume hashtags that will boost the number of likes the post gets immediately after posting, and will increase the number of eyeballs on the post:

#Job #Hiring #Work #Jobs #Career #LoveMyJob #Recruitment #Recruiting #Opportunity #Company #Team

Then, just like you would in a job description, pick the characteristics that best describe the types of people you’re looking for:

#Dreamer #Optimistic #Detailed #WorkHardPlayHard #TeamNoSleep #CantStopWontStop

Continuing to follow the format of a job description, pick the things required for the position:

#CollegeGrad #HTML #iOS #Drupal #Wordpress #AdWords

Mention your perks:

#WorkPerks #EmployeeDiscount #WorkFromHome

Then, round off the 30 hashtags with experiences, industries, associations, and your company branding:

#YourCompanyName #WebDeveloper #Phoenix #Arizona

Pair these hashtags with a beautiful image, mention how people can apply (link the bio, drop an email here…) and you’ve got yourself your first (and hopefully not last) Instagram job post!

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