#Hustlemuscle at #SHRM17


Kat Cole is a very humble individual who has grown into her leadership position in a very ordinary way. Her experience has shaped her to the wonderful leader she is today. Kat spoke about her first job at Hooters and the HR experience she gained to make herself an asset to the company as well as open opportunities for her future. With the many mistakes Kat Cole has made in her life, she has continued to be successful and is currently the president of Cinnabon. She inherited Cinnabon when it was in disarray and she was able to build the company, despite the obstacles, to what it is today….Cinnabon’s the size of your face!!! 

With the obstacles that Kat had in her life she handled the bad stuff the right way in order to enable to the good stuff that made her and her company successful. She is an inspiration to all leaders and especially to those who haven’t had the best resources early on in their careers. Not to mention she kinda looks like Sandra Bullock! She spoke about what people need to be a great leader and the importance of humility and curiosity on one hand and courage and confidence on the other. They must have a harmony of both because one side does not work without the other. In her case, she was courageous enough to get small for her company to get big.

Something very interesting from her session was her quote, “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” I think that’s a very relevant thing in everyone’s life no matter your age. As I sit in all these sessions, I think to myself.. that will never be me. I will never make a difference in an organization. Instead, I need to be telling myself that it WILL be me. 

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