#HRTechConf Day 2 -- Workforce 2020: How Data and Analytics will Shape the Workplace

Moderator: David Gergen, Senior Political Analyst, CNN John W. Boudreau, PhD, Professor and Research Director, University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and Center for Effective Organizations
Steven G. Cochrane, Managing Director, Moody’s Analytics
Steven Rice, Executive VP HR, Juniper Networks
Ahu Yildirmaz, PhD, Head of ADP Research Institute, ADP 

Data is changing how organizations find, attract, develop, deploy and reward people. And in many ways it’s the defining topic for the future of HR, impacting how HR leaders can help drive organizational success and influence the related HR technologies to support their efforts. The workforce of 2020 isn’t as far off as it seems, and the leaders and organizations that will prosper will be the ones with the best data – and the best understanding of that data. Featuring a leading business journalist and experts on work, workplaces and technology from a variety of roles and perspectives, this panel will discuss how HR leaders can and must leverage data to make them and their organizations better. Additionally, using fresh data on workforce trends, the panelists will also address some of the broader workforce management issues and the power of analytics in designing effective workforce management strategies that will enable organizations to adapt and thrive in the future.


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