#HRTechConf Closing Keynote with R "Ray" Wang - Transforming the Future of Work in a Digital World


The 2014 HR Technology Conference wrapped up an exciting week with a closing keynote session with R "Ray" Wang.  We've captured some of the highlights below.

R "Ray" Wang, Founder and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research; Author of the popular enterprise software blog A Software Insider’s Point of View .

Many HR leaders continue to segment their workforces by age – Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y etc. But in today’s shift to digital business, they should be focusing their attention, if they’re not already, around the five “generations” of digital proficiency – digital natives, digital immigrants, digital voyeurs, digital holdouts and the digital disengaged. Ray Wang will elaborate on how the latest trends in HR technology – including many of those spotted at this year’s HR Tech Conference in spheres such as social, mobile, cloud, analytics and unified communications – will impact workers across this digital-proficiency spectrum and ultimately alter the future of work. 



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